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Seeking Days: Brigitte DeMeyer on New Album, Finding Inspiration, and Her Gregg Allman Obsession

Brigitte DeMeyer’s lounges with Southern charm and tingles with cool West Coast vibes showcasing a dedication to family, musical or otherwise, wherever it may reside. Having lived and worked out of Nashville for over a decade, DeMeyer found herself necessarily returning to San Francisco where she’d previously honed her singular vocal style. The move was followed by a series of personal tragedies– family loss, a bout with pneumonia, a horse-riding accident, not to mention a coming pandemic– that combined with a sense of displacement and anxiety at leaving her Music City tribe. The songs on Seeker reflect the emotion of those experiences but also the realization that change can usher in prosperity and that a misstep or two can eventually lead to stronger strides. With the help of Jano Rix of the Wood Brothers (as well as the actual Wood Brothers, Oliver & Chris) in the producer’s chair and featuring a stellar lineup of friends and musicians, Brigitte DeMeyer seeks and finds that her roots can be wherever she chooses to grow.
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Zac Brown And Vince Gill Join Gregg Allman For High-Powered “Midnight Rider” Performance

Back in 2014, the three teamed up to sing one of the baddest southern rock songs ever, “Midnight Rider” by the southern rock group, The Allman Brothers. In the video, we see original Allman Brothers member Gregg Allman (in case you couldn’t put that together), singing his ass off like it was 1975 again, accompanied by the incredible sound of Zac Brown and his band, and the man with perhaps the best vocal/guitar 1-2 punch in all of country music, Mr. Vince Gill.

Gregg Allman Wrote This Song The Day After Martin Luther King Jr. Was Assassinated [Listen]

Today, the United States of America honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man who fought for justice and equality within our nation. King was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968, and the next day Gregg Allman wrote a song that coped with the loss and contemplated the terrifying truths of the Civil Rights Movement—a subject with which he was quite familiar as a member of an integrated band in the American South. The song, “God Rest His Soul”, never appeared on an official Allman Brothers record, though it was included on 1972’s Duane & Gregg Allman as well as 1997 Gregg Allman anthology.
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How Gregg Allman Helped Elect President Jimmy Carter

When Jimmy Carter became 39th President of the United States in 1977, he knew he owed the election win to Gregg Allman and his friends and colleagues. In the ‘70s, as with today, it takes a massive amount of money to reach the White House, and Carter’s campaign was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt when the Allman Brothers Band stepped in. Their campaign support show in 1975 raised over $64,000, which Carter was able to double thanks to recent legislation that matched public donations with government money. The arrangement continued with further benefit shows.