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Greg Gutfeld: The parodies we've created are now real

This will make your blood boil if you have any blood left after it shoots out of your eyeballs. This is an unbelievable story, yet somehow believable these days from the New York Post. Wisconsin school district has filed sexual harassment complaints against three middle schoolers for calling a classmate...
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Greg Gutfeld: 'Groomer' is the right's answer to 'racist'

So a few days ago, we played tape of the incoming White House press secretary calling all of us racists. Roll it, Clarice. KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: Fox News was racist before coronavirus. They are racist during the coronavirus. Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus. So there is nothing new here.

Greg Gutfeld: The effects of war on future food shortages scares me

Greg Gutfeld criticized the mainstream media for detaching themselves from the world's problems while Americans are dealing with food shortages and war on "The Five." GREG GUTFELD: If you are disassociated or detached from a problem, sometimes you don’t even know it exists. It reminds me of how detached people in the media were with the COVID shutdowns, or the effects of the economy, or the effects of crime, because you have security where you work. The media could sustain a lot of this stuff, especially the shutdowns because we just worked our way through it. We could get studios at home. People are hurting, but the same people in the media have the means to absorb the pain that others don’t, same thing with crime, their answer to crime is two words, gated community. What scares me in the future is this war and the effects of the war on future food shortages. If we are already having problems right now and we are all in on this thing, and every country is going to feel it, especially the poor ones like Africa.

"Insulting punk": Geraldo Rivera gets into heated exchange with Fox News colleague Greg Gutfeld

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Although Fox News' Geraldo Rivera is a Fox News talking head, he doesn't always blindly parrot the party-line nonsense coming from his colleagues. Rivera, for example, once got into a high-decibel shouting match with former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly over illegal immigration. And during a Wednesday May 4 broadcast of the Fox News program "The Five," Rivera slammed colleague Greg Gutfeld in response to his comments on abortion.

Geraldo Rivera calls Fox News colleague Greg Gutfeld ‘an insulting punk’ in argument over abortion

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera has once again broken ranks with his fellow pundits and called out colleague Greg Gutfeld for his comments on abortion. The exchange occurred two days after Politico's bombshell report that a leaked Supreme Court draft decision indicated its intention to overturn Roe v Wade, the landmark ruling protecting abortion rights at the federal level in the US. The incident started when Gutfeld began attacking pro-choice advocates, saying women who support abortion are "more concerned about what they will lose than what they will gain," claiming that they would realise their lives were "nothing" without...

Greg Gutfeld: Biden's biased disinformation czar the wrong choice, pick someone like Bill Maher

Greg Gutfeld ripped DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for pleading ignorance on disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz's background on "The Five." GREG GUTFELD: Nina [Jankowicz], I would say she's a harmless person. She's like a walking Twitter trend. She's a poster child for all the lazy rumors that end up trending on Twitter. Like Taylor Lorenz is a victim, she tweets about that. CRT [critical race theory] is a right-wing fear tactic. [Hunter's] Laptop is Russian disinformation. These all get the biggest clicks and retweets in her bubble. The big problem here is not that she's silly, the problem is she’s not unbiased. If you look at everything she talks about and believes in, she is swayed by what gets attention and in her world and that makes her incredibly unqualified. If they actually keep this actual board, they have to really try to bend over backwards to find somebody with a centrist perspective, somebody that they might not like, you know? Somebody that pisses you off 50% of the time and doesn’t tick you off the other 50%. We know there a lot of people out there like that. I would use somebody like Bill Maher as an example.

Greg Gutfeld: The left continues to try and shut down free speech

So once again, we're seeing the left go after speech. Left wing NGOs are now coming after Elon Musk for buying Twitter. That's him on the left. In case you're normal and have no idea what an NGO is, it stands for "no good organization." Pretty clever. They're nonprofit groups that claim to be independent of any government but aim to push radical agendas like no cash bail and now censorship.

How Greg Gutfeld Turned Fox News Channel Into A Late-Night Ratings Juggernaut

Monday marked an era-defining milestone for CNN, as new boss Chris Licht formally took the reins at the news network and now attempts a reboot after months of scandal and chaos. With the imprimatur of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, Licht is expected to usher in changes that include, among other things, tilting the editorial pendulum at CNN away from opinion-heavy resistance programming. He won’t be able to change everything, though.
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Greg Gutfeld: Celebrate the people who work to keep America going

What a great Monday it is for you, me and America, because our audience is back. You heard them. Take that Wuhan lab. I don't feel very well. And we're in a brand-new studio. Yeah, so they tell me. Although I did find one of Chris Wallace’s old toupees and my dressing room – smelled.