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World complacent on Covid, warns former UK prime minister Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown has warned that the world risks "sleepwalking" into another Covid variant crisis if it does not increase vaccinations in low-income countries. Wealthier countries needed to share the cost of global vaccinations, tests and treatments, he told the BBC. Speaking before an international Covid summit on Thursday, the former...
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Cost of living: Gordon Brown urges action on extreme poverty

Parents are struggling to keep their children warm at night due to the cost of living crisis, says Gordon Brown. The former Labour prime minister said there was a growing need for pillows, duvets, sheets and even beds as people were left sleeping on the floor. Mr Brown and Wales...
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Gordon Brown: 'You cannot allow children and pensioners to suffer'

The former prime minister and chancellor, Gordon Brown has criticised Rishi Sunak's Spring Statement, saying "you cannot allow children and pensioners to suffer". Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Mr Brown said the Conservative Party would be known as the "nasty party, because they are not helping people at their time of greatest need".

Gordon Brown and Sir John Major want Putin in front of Nuremberg-style trial

Gordon Brown and Sir John Major are among those calling for the creation of a new international tribunal to investigate Vladimir Putin and his underlings for their attacks in Ukraine. The former prime ministers have joined a campaign – along with leading names from the worlds of from law, academia and politics – aiming to put the Russian president on trial alongside those who helped plan his invasion of 24 February.Launched with a website and a target of two million petition signatures, the campaign – already backed by 740,000 people around the glove – seeks to gain public support for...

War in Ukraine: Gordon Brown backs Nuremberg-style trial for Putin

Gordon Brown and Sir John Major want a new international tribunal to be set up to investigate Vladimir Putin for his actions in Ukraine. The former PMs are among 140 academics, lawyers and politicians to sign a petition calling for a legal system modelled on the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals after World War Two.

Gordon Brown: Devolved leaders should unite to demand more cost of living help

Devolved leaders across the UK should join forces to demand a change in approach from Westminster in response to the cost of living crisis, a former prime minister has said.People across the country are braced for a spike in energy costs as well as the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on global gas prices and a rise in national insurance.Writing in the Daily Record newspaper on Monday, Gordon Brown said both the UK and Scottish Governments are not doing enough in their response.Along with the rise in national insurance, some six million families across the UK were also...

Gordon Brown calls for special tribunal to punish Vladimir Putin

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has called on countries to support the creation of a special tribunal to punish Vladimir Putin for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.He joined Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba at an online event organised by the Chatham House think-tank, where pleas were made for Western nations to set up a tribunal to prosecute the Russian president and his accomplices.Mr Brown said the plan to set up a new international tribunal is modelled on the actions of the nations which met in London during the Second World War to draft a resolution on Nazi war crimes,...

Gordon Brown: Poverty soaring as welfare state safety net ‘torn apart’

The welfare state safety net has been “torn apart” as more people are plunged into poverty, increasingly turning to charities for help, former prime minister Gordon Brown has warned.He said “bedding banks” were cropping up in communities alongside food banks, offering blankets, sheets and duvets for people struggling to pay their energy bills.With just a few weeks to go before an increase in National Insurance, Mr Brown said it was time to call a halt to the “economic madness“ of allowing tax rises, food price rises, escalating heating bills and real-terms benefit cuts.He described it as a “quadruple whammy” that...

Our Favorite Stories In Music: An Interview With Gordon Brown of Williams Honor

New Jersey Stage published its 25,000th story in December 2021. As the site approached the milestone, we posed the question on social media as how we should celebrate. One response was to highlight our favorite stories from over the years. We liked this idea, but could not narrow things down to just 25 favorites so we will present a favorite each day from different genres. Every Monday we feature one of our favorite stories in music. This week's choice is an interview with Gordon Brown back in the early days of the band Williams Honor.