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Meghan Markle Speaks With Gloria Steinem on Reproductive Rights Post-Roe v. Wade: “It’s About Having a Choice”

Meghan Markle is among the high-profile women speaking out about the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overturning Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to abortion. The Duchess of Sussex and Gloria Steinem, who Markle has worked with on political issues including now an effort to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified, spoke to former CNN chief White House correspondent, and founder of News Not Noise, Jessica Yellin for Vogue about the Dobbs decision and what the future looks like in the United States post-Roe v. Wade.More from The Hollywood Reporter'Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical'...

Meghan Markle suggests rallying with Gloria Steinem to back ERA

​Meghan Markle, who said she and Prince Harry had a “guttural” reaction to Roe v. Wade being struck down by the Supreme Court, suggested in a recent interview that she might soon travel to Washington to rally support for the Equal Rights Amendment. Markle — who reportedly has expressed political ambitions, including running to become the first female president — talked with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in Vogue about the Supreme Court’s decision and the future of the ERA. Steinem talked about the need to get Americans to the polls to elect pro-choice candidates, saying “we can make clear that reproductive freedom...

Gloria Steinem says she will put up abortion-seekers in NYC home

For Gloria Steinem, activism begins at home. The morning after the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade, the famed feminist told The Post that her contribution to the cause will include opening her Upper East Side apartment to women in need of abortions. “Everything from the small effort to say, ‘I have a guest room if you need to come to New York state, you can stay here,’” she said of her initial efforts. “Which of course is limited since it’s only one room,” she added, laughing. “But at least it’s something that I can offer.” The 88-year-old remembers a women’s clinic that...

Dawn Porter on ’37 Words,’ Title IX and the Importance of Pairing Billie Jean King With Gloria Steinem

Click here to read the full article. Dawn Porter and Nicole Newnham’s four-part docuseries “37 Words,” debuting June 21 on ESPN, celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX while also exploring the current struggle to maintain and evolve the 1972 law that forbids discrimination based on gender. Prior to 1972, gender discrimination was commonplace in education and athletics. Physical activity for girls and women was cast as unfeminine, and while schools poured money and other resources into programs for male students, budding female athletes were left to fend for themselves. That all changed when Congress passed Title IX – a 37-word...