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Welcome to Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions. Our guest today on the show Glenn Jones, who joins us to discuss his new album Vade Mecum, out now on Thrill Jockey Records, as well as touch on and illuminate the complicated legacy of John Fahey. Both solo and as a member of Cul-de-Sac, Jones has been a force of creative energy in the world of solo acoustic guitar, guitar soli, or American Primitive music, a term we discuss in this chat. Before we get into the talk, we want to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to Steve Lowenthal, for his great book on Fahey, Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist. Though we mostly focus on Jones’ own work—and the new album is a fantastic example of what makes him such an enduring presence in the avant-guitar field—we do at one point shift into discussion of the complicated relationship Fahey had with race. Steve’s book serves as a great resource. We also want to thank Glenn for the candidness and honesty he brought to our talk.
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Larry “Lonzo” Glenn Jones

You might have known him as Lonzo, or Uncle Larry, or Big Daddy. To my fur-brothers Buddy, Spooky, Gizmo, Max, and I, he'll always be Daddy. He passed away peacefully and finally free of pain early Sunday morning. A life-long Kingsport resident, he was the retired owner of Facelift Painting...
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Kingsport Times-News

Larry “Lonzo” Glenn Jones

You might have known him as Lonzo, or Uncle Larry, or Big Daddy. To my fur-brothers Buddy, Spooky, Gizmo, Max, and I, he'll always be Daddy. He passed away peacefully and finally free of pain early Sunday morning. Friends and family will honor him at Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home in Kingsport...

Glenn Jones Lets the Music Guide Him on ‘Vade Mecum’

As a solo artist, guitarist Glenn Jones hasn’t set out to reinvent any wheels in the world of American primitive. There were a few times when he expanded his little corner of the genre if not the entire genre altogether, like writing and improvising his take on John Fahey‘s “Dry Bones in the Valley” in the form of “The Orca Grande Cement Factory at Victorville” from The Wanting. This album featured several lengthy compositions. He’ll sometimes record windchimes, waterfalls, and anything else he finds aesthetically intriguing to crossfade into his songs. Apart from that, Jones is content to play with alternate tunings on his guitar, slap on partial capos, and see what tunes emerge.

Acoustic guitarist Glenn Jones savors the bittersweetness of memory

Vade Mecum translates from Latin as “go with me.” When Glenn Jones makes such an offer, anyone who appreciates a vivid musical trip shouldn’t think twice. The 68-year-old guitar and banjo player from Cambridge, Massachusetts, began working as a solo acoustic musician in the early 2000s, after spending years playing with surf-meets-experimental-rock combo Cul de Sac, coproducing and compiling folk records, and befriending and assisting the original Takoma Records guitarists, John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Like them, he composes tunes that combine folk and blues forms with devices learned from other styles, and he prioritizes the expression of emotional truths over displays of technical facility. On this latest LP, Jones uses rich sonorities derived from idiosyncratic tunings as inspirational springboards for intricate, unhurried excursions that reference places, pets, and old friends. Many of them are now gone, and Jones’s melodies persuasively evoke his sadness at having lost them as well as his joy at having known them in the first place. But some of those friends are still with us: on “Ruthie’s Farewell,” whose title nods to the old friend who gave him his first banjo when she moved away and couldn’t pack it, Jones reunites on record for the first time in three decades with fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld, who played on the debut Cul de Sac record.

Ep. 17 The Pulse with Bill Anderson: Glenn Jones

We are celebrating Black Music Month this week talking to R&B Legend Glenn Jones. Glenn talks to Bill about his storied career and the struggles that have come along with his fame. Glenn even breaks out in a little song to prove to Bill he still can hit all the notes. You probably know Glen for his hits like “Here I Go Again.” The Pulse with Bill Anderson is a weekly TV Show and Podcast featuring interviews with celebrities and people of interest. Since launching in February of 2022, The Pulse has welcomed names like Star Jones, Mo’Nique, Iyanla Vanzant, Kyla Pratt, Kevin Eubanks, Lavar Ball and more.

Glenn Jones – “Away”

Former Cul de Sac frontman Glenn Jones is a virtuoso guitarist who’s part of that whole John Fahey American Primitivist school. He plays lovely, ruminative fingerpicked acoustic pieces that bring their own strange narrative weight. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Jones; he released The Giant Who Ate Himself And Other New Works For 6 And 12 String Guitar, his last album, back in 2018. In a few months, Jones will return with a new album called Vade Mecum, and he’s just shared a piece from the LP.

The Chat With Glenn Jones: Putnam County Commission History & The Bangham Community

Learn about the Putnam County Commission’s history & Bangham with Darren Wilson. On today’s episode of The Chat…Glenn Jones talks with Darren Wilson, Putnam County Commissioner for District 11. They discuss what the Putnam County Commission was like, and the powers that each commissioner had years ago versus now, why he ran for the County Commission, and what the running experience was like for him, as well as one of the communities that he serves in District 11 – The Bangham Community.

The Chat With Glenn Jones: The City Of Baxter & The Baxter Depot Museum

Learn about the City of Baxter & the Baxter Depot Museum with Mayor John Martin. On today’s episode of The Chat…Glenn Jones meets with City of Baxter Mayor John Martin. They discuss his history of being the Mayor of Baxter, what’s happening around Baxter currently, and the new businesses coming to the town, as well as the relationship that the City of Baxter has with the Baxter Depot Museum, and the impact that the Depot has on the community of Baxter.

The Chat With Glenn Jones: The History Of Center Hill Lake

Learn about Center Hill Lake with Under The Lake co-author Carol Denson Williams. On today’s episode of The Chat…Glenn Jones talks with Carol Denson Williams, co-author of Under The Lake. They discuss the history of Center Hill Lake, the thousands of lives that were displaced by the flooding of the area, her family ties to the area, and the stories that she heard all of her life about the area before its flooding, as well as how she and co-authors Judy Fuson and Ria Baker went about conducting research for the book.

The Chat With Glenn Jones: Baxter City Chief Of Police & D.A.R.E Program History

Learn about the history of Putnam County’s D.A.R.E. program with Danny Holmes. On today’s episode of The Chat…Glenn Jones sits down with Danny Holmes, Baxter City Chief Of Police, and District 8 Putnam County Commissioner. They discuss his time in the Marines, what led him to be interested in law enforcement, how the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program got its start in Putnam County, the impact and success of the D.A.R.E. program throughout its existence, as well as how he became the Baxter City Chief Of Police.

The Chat With Glenn Jones: Baxter Seminary & Upperman High School History

Eric Brown discusses this history of Baxter Seminary and Upperman High School. On today’s episode of The Chat…Glenn Jones talks with Eric Brown, Chair of the Baxter Seminary / Upperman High School Alumni Association. They discuss the history of the Baxter Seminary before it became Upperman High School, how the arts and sports programs were established there, the history of how the school’s campus was developed, as well as the work that his currently being done within the Baxter Seminary Park.