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Glenn Close

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Glenn Close, 75, says women are "so brainwashed" about ageing

Glenn Close doesn’t feel like she’s in her seventies. In her mind, she’s still 25—which is why it can sometimes be difficult to embrace the ageing process. What makes it even harder, though, is society’s unrealistic beauty standards, she recently told Glamour. As you’ve probably...

Glenn Close Wants ‘Fatal Attraction’ Series to Empathize with ‘Fragile’ Killer, Explain ‘Her Side of the Story’

Click here to read the full article. Don’t get your bunnies in a boil: The Paramount+ reboot of “Fatal Attraction” will certainly have even more twists than the (theatrical) original. Exactly 35 years since Adrian Lyne’s iconic erotic thriller debuted, Oscar nominee Glenn Close gave some sage advice for the revival series: Show more of a well-rounded Alex, and less crazed woman stereotype. “I hope they tell her backstory, her side of the story,” Close told Entertainment Tonight. “[Alex] is a human being in need of great help. She’s a fragile person.” The original ending for “Fatal Attraction” concluded with Close’s Alex killing...

Glenn Close weighs in on Paramount+'s Fatal Attraction reboot

At the New York premiere of Season 2 of Apple TV+'s Tehran, Close was asked about the planned TV series reboot of her and Michael Douglas' iconic 1987 film. "I love her. I will love her always," Close told E.T. of her Alex Forrest character. "It was a very important step in my career." As for the TV series, Close said: "I hope they tell her backstory, her side of the story. I mean, I would be flattered if it was the one that we came up with (originally), but obviously I'll be very curious."