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Why Glen Tullman is backing virtual diabetes clinic

Diabetes management can be time-consuming, cumbersome and expensive. Particularly for those who are uninsured or underinsured, it can also be unaffordable and inaccessible, according to the leaders of startup So instead of offering to help navigate the existing health system, the San Diego-based virtual diabetes clinic is setting out to create a completely new system of care for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.
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Past the Talking Points: Glen Tullman on Affordable Insulin, Payment Model Reform & Transcarent

Turns out, that if you’re lucky enough to catch Glen Tullman in an impromptu chat just off the main stage at ViVE 2022, he’s warmed up enough (we could maybe even call it ‘fired up’ enough) to kick it into overdrive, roar past the usual talking points, and tell us what he REALLY thinks about what’s happening in the healthcare market today.

Transcarent’s Glen Tullman on Building the Next Healthcare Ecosystem

Transcarent’s Glen Tullman on Building the Next Healthcare Ecosystem. This week is another StartUp Health Festival @ ViVE special, as we bring you a main stage conversation between Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent, and Unity Stoakes, the President and Co-founder of StartUp Health. In the conversation, held in front...

A Candid Conversation w/ Glen Tullman and Lee Shapiro, Investors in the StartUp Health Moonshots Impact Fund

— This week on the show we’re revisiting a conversation that first aired in 2021. It’s from a fireside chat we had with Lee Shapiro and Glen Tullman, the dynamic duo behind ventures like Allscripts, 7wire Ventures, and Livongo. On the call, the two talk with Steven Krein, StartUp Health CEO & Co-founder, about 25 years of lessons learned in investing and how they built health moonshot companies. We hear how Transcarent was “Hatched” and the success drivers behind Livongo. More importantly, we get a candid view of how two icons of health investors think about work and life.

Glen Tullman does it again

Health tech veteran Glen Tullman keeps spawning unicorns. 🦄 Transcarent, a consumer-directed health care navigation company launched and led by Tullman, raised $200 million in a Series C round. Why it matters: The funding brings Transcarent’s total capital raised to $298 million in just over one year, placing its...

Transcarent’s Valuation Soars Past $1B. Hear Why Glen Tullman Says It’s More Than Worth It.

Transcarent raises a whopping $200 million Series C funding round that values the year-ish old business at over $1.6 billion – valuing the up-start higher than quasi-competitor, Accolade, which is sitting on the NASDAQ with a $1.3 billion dollar market cap. Executive Chairman & CEO Glen Tullman shares some very revealing details about the round, why he’s deliberately added leading hospital systems onto his cap table, and what he’s got to say to the doubters who might question whether not Transcarent is a billion-dollar business just yet. (Spoiler alert: Glen says Transcarent didn’t even take the highest valuation they were offered…)

WTF Health: Transcarent, Walmart & The “Re-making” of Healthcare Payers: Glen Tullman on the Power of Big Retail

Days after announcing their deal with Walmart, Transcarent’s Executive Chairman & CEO Glen Tullman and meet again (in-person!) to pick up our conversation right where it left off. For the details about the deal, see our last interview; for what the deal signifies for the disruption of the healthcare payer and the ultimate rise of the healthcare consumer, tune in now and take note.
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Accolade CEO: Where Glen’s model is wrong; Glen Tullman: You can’t navigate a broken system

Rajeev Singh, CEO of Accolade, and Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent, both agree on one thing: the healthcare system is broken. How they endeavor to fix the problem is where their visions starkly diverge. This was evident in a recent interview with Singh at the HLTH conference in Boston. He views care navigation as key to helping to bend healthcare’s cost curve for self-insured employers by leveraging data, technology and human resources. Meanwhile at the same conference, Tullman took the stage with the ever-garrulous Jonathan Bush in a discussion about the future of health and essentially described care navigation with a term that is pejorative in any industry: the middle man.

'You can’t navigate your way through a broken system': Transcarent's Glen Tullman on healthcare cost, quality

Digital health vet Glen Tullman has taken on some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, from chronic conditions to electronic health records. After selling Livongo to Teladoc in 2020 for a whopping $18.5 billion, Tullman has focused his efforts on the insurance space with the launch of Transcarent, a healthcare platform for self-insured employers.

Zerigo Health Raises $43M, Appoints Glen Tullman as Executive Chairman

– Today, Zerigo Health, a San Diego, CA-based connected light therapy solution for treating chronic skin conditions at home or on the go, today announced a $43M Series B funding round led by 7wireVentures, joined by General Catalyst, Dragoneer, Cigna Ventures, Leverage Health Solutions, and Leaps by Bayer. – In...

Glen Tullman Joins Transcarent as Chief Executive Officer

Transcarent, a new consumer-directed health and care platform for employees of self-insured employers and their families, announced today that Glen Tullman has added the role of Chief Executive Officer to his role as Executive Chairman of the Company. Transcarent was created to improve the quality and value of care in America by giving employees and their families greater control over their healthcare decisions and by allowing them to share in the financial benefits of those decisions.