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Gillian Jacobs is everywhere — including the director’s chair

PITTSBURGH — Gillian Jacobs' latest trio of projects are excellent examples of what living your best professional life looks like. You can currently catch the 39-year-old Pittsburgh-area native as Chris Riley on HBO's "Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty"; in movie theaters opposite Chris Pine in the action-thriller "The Contractor"; and on Disney+, where her documentary feature directorial debut, "More Than Robots," has been available since March 18.

Gillian Jacobs On Working With Chris Pine In The Contractor, Directing More Than Robots, And More [Interview]

Gillian Jacobs has been busy. From co-starring in Tarik Saleh's new thriller "The Contractor" to making her feature directorial debut with "More Than Robots" to appearing in the forthcoming Netflix series "Transatlantic" (currently shooting in France), her recent filmography is littered with an eclectic array of unique and wonderful pieces. In "The Contractor," she plays a woman whose ex-Special Forces husband gets drawn into the shady world of military contracting, while "More Than Robots" covers four teams of teenagers who prepare to build robots for the 2020 FIRST® Robotics Competition.
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How Gillian Jacobs Moved From Marvel To Lucasfilm For Her Disney+ Documentary More Than Robots

Don’t feel bad if you primarily know Gillian Jacobs from her work as an actress. Whether it’s the confrontational Britta Perry from Community, one half of the Netflix series Love or her role on the hit show Girls, Jacobs has been crafting memorable characters on screen for years. Gradually, though, Jacobs has been moving behind the camera for directorial efforts, mostly in the documentary series and film realm, which is where you can find her for the outstanding and inspirational Disney+ documentary More Than Robots.
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‘Community’s’ Gillian Jacobs, ‘Call My Agent’ Star Gregory Montel Set For Anna Winger’s Netflix Series ‘Transatlantic’

“Community’s” Gillian Jacobs and “Call My Agent” star Gregory Montel are set to appear in a new Netflix series from “Unorthodox” creator Anna Winger. Joining them are Lucas Englander (“The Witcher”), Cory Michael Smith (“Gotham”), Ralph Amoussou (“Marianne”), Deleila Piasko (“Boys Are Us”), Amit Rahav (“Unorthodox”) and Corey Stoll (“Billions”).