Giles Goddard


Industry legend Giles Goddard discusses everything but ‘Star Fox’

Not many developers and game makers have the resume of Giles Goddard. His work with Argonaut Games in the 1990s led him to move to Kyoto in his late teens to work with Nintendo on the now legendary Star Fox series. His impact on the video game scene is monumental enough that he had most of an episode of Netflix’s video game documentary High Score dedicated to his work on bringing 3D graphics to the sprite-heavy, 16-bit SNES alongside fellow Argonaut Games employee and Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert. But Giles is a lot more than Star Fox. For over two decades, Giles has worked within and as a subsidiary of Nintendo, opened his own company and is now the current CEO of indie developer and publisher Chuhai Labs. On the eve of the rebranded studio’s first anniversary, NME spoke with Giles about everything but Star Fox.
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