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Women arrested in George Washington Carver graduation fight, Sheriff's Office says

Two women accused of brawling at George Washington Carver High School's graduation were arrested Tuesday, according to the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. Sjanitta Egana, 38, and Jaci Egana, 18, were booked with disturbing the peace, in a fight that led to a melee outside the Xavier University Convocation Center on May 20. A video that circulated on social media showed attendees shoving, punching, kicking and striking one another with chairs while police officers moved through the crowd.

Opinion: George Washington Carver, an Iowa luminary, gets annual recognition after the success of a bipartisan initiative

Kenneth Quinn and Simon Estes are recipients of Iowa's highest citizen recognition, the Iowa Medal. Quinn is a veteran diplomat, humanitarian and president emeritus of the World Food Prize Foundation. Estes is an internationally renowned opera star and Professor at Iowa State University and Des Moines Area Community College. Gov....
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George Washington Carver led the way with the peanut

Tuskegee scientist, Dr. George Washington Carver (the University of Rochester gave him an honorary Doctorate of Science in 1941), was responsible for developing over 300 products from the humble peanut. These ranged from axle grease to nitroglycerin, charcoal to rubber, face powder to shampoo, and hundreds of other workaday products...

PPC’s Jr. Garden Buds: The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver

The From Slavery to Freedom Garden is an extension of the Heinz History Center’s From Slavery to Freedom Exhibit and is located at the Frick Environmental Center. This month, come to the garden to learn about prominent black agricultural scientist George Washington Carver. We will read The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver by Gene Barretta and plant vegetables in the garden beds.
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Final day of state tournament, George Washington Carver looking for redemption

Since a one-point loss in the final last season, No. 1 George Washington Carver has been waiting for its chance at redemption. The Rams will get a rematch in the Class 4A title game against defending champion No. 3 Eleanor McMain at 11 a.m. today to start the final day of the boys state basketball tournament at Burton Coliseum.

Heidi Ekborg-Ott selected for George Washington Carver internship

The World Food Prize Foundation of Des Moines, Iowa selected Heidi Ekborg-Ott to serve as the George Washington Carver International Dialogues Intern for the spring cohort. Moving into her senior year, Ekborg-Ott applied for multiple internships that fit the nature of her interest. When she found out she had been selected for the George Washington Carver internship, she said she couldn’t have been more excited.

Simpson archivist to present program on George Washington Carver Monday night

Simpson College will mark Black History Month with a virtual presentation on George Washington Carver via Zoom on Monday, Feb. 28, by Simpson College librarian and archivist, Cyd Dyer. The program will allow people to, “learn about the unique connections between George W. Carver and Simpson College through stories and...

Former Harris Co. school honors George Washington Carver

HAMILTON, Ga. (WTVM) - A former school in Harris Co. that was the primary secondary education institution for African Americans from 1952 to 1970, will now be the site of a community voter education outreach center. Over 4,000 students launched their educational careers at the former Hamilton Carver Elementary High...
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Gorgas Library spotlights George Washington Carver during Black History Month

The University of Alabama’s Gorgas Library is introducing a new exhibit. Starting on Monday, Feb. 14, guests can immerse themselves in the world of George Washington Carver, an American inventor who revolutionized agriculture in the South. What: A photography exhibition dedicated to the life of George Washington Carver. Who:...

George Washington Carver

Determined to be something, not seen before. Their land had been worn out, despite their toil. He showed them how to bring the land back, do fair. To change what they would grow, and take care of the land;. To center on peanuts and sweet potato fare;. And did it...

Inside the Steere Herbarium: George Washington Carver and Grasses

Robert F.C. Naczi, Ph.D., is the Arthur J. Cronquist Curator of North American Botany in the Institute of Systematic Botany and Sergio Guzman is a Digitization Intern in the William and Lynda Steere Herbarium at The New York Botanical Garden. George Washington Carver (1864?–1943) was a Black American who endured...

Black History Month: George Washington Carver

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Black History Month is a time to look back at not just events that shaped the African-American experience, but also the people, like George Washington Carver. Born a slave in the last year of the Civil War, George Washington Carver died a world-renowned agricultural scientist and...

Dr. Peanut: George Washington Carver

I am a proud Black woman. I am proud of my ancestors, our resilience in the face of all the obstacles and hate, our ability to transcend, transform, and find a way when none seems possible. Thank you to Carter G. Woodson, the creator of Black History Month, for his vision to highlight our Black American figures, both then and now.

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver. While most associate him with peanuts, in the agricultural world Mr. Carver is most famous for the re-invention of an Indigenous American farming technique by which the peanut was used. Filled with essential nutrients, the peanut was used to replenish the soil of America's cash crops and, thanks to Mr. Carver's passion, to replenish human bodies as a super legume.