George Rooks


George Rooks: A new preacher in Bethel

Howdy folks—The cool weather seems to like hanging on. I read in the paper that the cicadas are a little later coming out, but they will make their appearance when the ground warms up. I can remember years ago about these critters and how they kept things in turmoil. Well,...

George Rooks: The pretty baby ducks

Howdy folks—I went down to the Feed Mill this morning to get some more birdseed. I asked the young lady if they have any baby chicks and she said they would be in the next day, but they have baby ducks. She picked up one and handed it to me.

George Rooks: Eating the ‘very good’ deer jerky

Howdy folks—When I am out riding my scooter, the amount of vehicles that have dogs in them is amazing. The dogs stand on the seat with their heads out of the vehicle and some of them will bark at me. Folks that are out walking their dogs will come up to me and are very friendly. I finally got my first shot for the virus. The Senior Services bus picked me up and took me over to Bauer Road to the Board of Health. There was a large crowd and the operation was working well. We loaded the scooter on the bus and then I took an elevator to the second floor. There were some folks that recognized me and one lady said, where are you going fishing later.

George Rooks: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Howdy folks—I am scheduled to get the shot for the virus on Wednesday, February 10. The Senior Services bus is going to take me over to the Board of Health on Bauer Road. I read in the paper about the cicadas that will hatch in Cincinnati this summer. I remember a few years ago we had them pretty bad. Nature is a very interesting thing. The cicadas stay underground for 17 years then come up and you can hear them making their mating call.

Stats And Honors For Michigan Signees Rayshaun Benny, George Rooks, Ike Iwunnah

Michigan Wolverines football signed three defensive linemen in the late cycle, which is a strong addition to what was already the No. 11 class in the country, per, entering Wednesday’s signing day. Below are the stats and honors that all three new Wolverines notched in their senior year of...

George Rooks: A thousand chickens, fresh eggs

Howdy folks—The folks are using more fresh eggs now than they have for many years. A friend of mine has over 1,000 chickens and now he has gotten 300 baby chicks a while back so he gets about three buckets of eggs each day. He has a fruit stand during the summer and fall and had lots of folks stopping to get all kinds of vegetables. There have been more gardens last year than any year and that is good. On Monday, Dan picked me up and we went with Dennis and the retired priest to Poochie’s for lunch. It was great to get out and go to lunch. We saw the Shamblin‘s there and that made it even more special. There was a big crowd at Poochie’s and they always do a super job of serving good food. People are made to feel very welcome at the restaurant.