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Head of NHL DoPS, George Parros: “I Don’t Want the Job If…”

If the players don’t think he can do the job and the GMs don’t believe he’s doing it well, George Parros says he doesn’t want the gig. Currently, he’s serving as the Head of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, but the New York Rangers released a statement after an incident with Washington Capitals Tom Wilson asking for the NHL to remove Parros from power because Wilson wasn’t suspended.
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New York Rangers Fined $250,000 after Criticizing George Parros

The New York Rangers are in hot water after making harsh remarks about the league and George Parros, director of player safety. The Rangers called out Parros for not suspending Washington Capitals’ forward Tom Wilson. Wilson got into a fight against Pavel Buchnevich during Monday night’s game, where he punched Buchnevich in the back of the head. He then tossed Artemi Panarin on the ground and began punching him in the head.
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NHL fines Rangers $250,000 for Tom Wilson, George Parros statement

The NHL fined the New York Rangers $250,000 after the franchise publicly called for the firing of the league’s head of player safety George Parros over the department’s decision not to suspend Capitals winger Tom Wilson. The Rangers had released a scathing statement directed toward Parros and Wilson following the...

NHL fines Rangers $250,000 for critical statement of George Parros, Department of Player Safety

The NHL has fined the Rangers $250,000 for Tuesday night's statement criticizing the NHL's Department of Player Safety and George Parros. "Public comments of the nature issued by the Rangers that were personal in nature and demeaning of a League executive will not be tolerated," commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement issued by the league. "While we don’t expect our Clubs to agree with every decision rendered by the Department of Player Safety, the extent to which the Rangers expressed their disagreement was unacceptable. It is terribly unfair to question George Parros’ professionalism and dedication to his role and the Department of Player Safety.

Rangers’ Pavel Buchnevich suspended for high stick, with team also fined $250,000 over statement on NHL VP George Parros

The New York Rangers have been in the news a lot this week. That started with Monday’s game, where Washington Capitals’ forward Tom Wilson punched the Rangers’ Pavel Buchnevich while he was on the ice and then flung Artemi Panarin down by his hair (leading to a deleted tweet from the Caps). It then progressed to Tuesday’s Rangers’ statement calling for the firing of NHL VP George Parros after Parros and the Department of Player Safety didn’t suspend Wilson, and then moved to Wednesday’s firing of Rangers’ GM Jeff Gorton and president John Davidson and Wednesday night’s repeated brawls against the Capitals. The latest Rangers news came Thursday, and it saw the team fined $250,000 by the NHL, and then Buchnevich suspended for a game for a high stick on Anthony Mantha Wednesday (as seen above). First, here’s discussion of that suspension from a Department of Player Safety video, as recapped by J.J. Regan of NBC 4 Washington:

Rangers fined $250K by NHL for comments about Head of Safety George Parros

The National Hockey League announced on Thursday that the New York Rangers were hit with a $250,000 fine for "their public comments on Tuesday, May 4." The comments in question are the ones made towards NHL Head of Player Safety, George Parros, which were in response to what the franchise believed was a lack of proper discipline against Capitals player Tom Wilson for injuring star Artemi Panarin.

New York Rangers Fined $250K for Statement on George Parros

The New York Rangers just received a fine that is 50 times bigger than than the fine Tom Wilson received for initiating the utter chaos that has unfolded between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals over the past 48 hours. Wilson was fined $5K for punching a prone Pavel Buchnevich. The Rangers were fined $250K for calling out the NHL, specifically the Department of Player Safety and calling for the removal of that department, George Parros.

New York Rangers’ statement calls decision not to suspend Tom Wilson “a dereliction of duty” by NHL’s George Parros

Washington Capitals’ forward Tom Wilson has long been under fire for controversial play. The latest case of that came Monday night in the Capitals’ game against the New York Rangers, where Wilson punched Pavel Buchnevich while he was on the ice and flung Artemi Panarin down by his hair. That led to a 10-minute misconduct for Wilson, and to the Capitals’ social media team quietly deleting the initial tweet they posted in support of Wilson after that tweet got ratioed, but it also led to the NHL’s Department of Player Safety handing Wilson only a fine rather than the suspension many had called for. And the Rangers really weren’t happy about that, putting out one of the most blistering team statements in a while Tuesday night, a statement that called for the resignation of Department of Player Safety head (and former NHL enforcer) George Parros: