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That Time George Lucas Accidentally (and Hilariously) Photobombed a Scientific Documentary

Of all George Lucas’ fascinating and insightful interviews on Star Wars and filmmaking, one of his most entertaining video appearances was a random, accidental photobomb. Scientific researcher Bruce Hoglund a few years back was walking around Chicago, recording his portion of a documentary on the radioactive metallic chemical element thorium, in which he was discussing nuclear power and molten salt reactors.More from The Hollywood ReporterEwan McGregor Says It Was Nice to Rewatch 'Star Wars' Prequels "Now Knowing That People Love Them"The Best Gifts for 'Star Wars' Superfans to Shop on Sale for May 4th'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Composer Breaks Down Her 'Star Wars'...
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George Lucas Reveals Where Kevin Feige's Star Wars Film will be Set on

Kevin Feige can easily be credited for turning the Marvel Cinematic Universe into an entertainment juggernaut and while he previously revealed that they're already planning out the franchise's next 10 years, Feige also has his sights set on the Star Wars franchise. In case you weren't aware, the Marvel Studios...
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Decentralized Pictures, Co-Founded by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas: Karim with Linqto [GritDaily House SXSW]

Decentralized Pictures (DCP) is co-founded by American Zoetrope (AZ), the independent film company started by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas in 1969 and is now run by Roman, Sofia, and Gia Coppola. AZ has a wide network of film industry luminaries who can help guide and support the projects that DCP finances and supports. The DCP team is also responsible for the success of, which has maintained an active online community of collaborators and contributors over the past 20 years.

Brian De Palma grilled George Lucas after first Star Wars screening

Any director is likely to watch their own movie about 100 times before showing it to the general public, so it makes sense that George Lucas would have wanted to show Star Wars to some of his filmmaking buddies to get some fresh eyes on the ’70s sci-fi movie. But, legendary director Brian De Palma gave Lucas quite the grilling after seeing the cut, with some very honest feedback about the ways of The Force.
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May the Force be with you! 10 fascinating facts about George Lucas

George Lucas is one of history's most financially successful filmmakers responsible for the ‘Star Wars’ franchise and ‘Indiana Jones’, he has been nominated for four Academy Awards for his work. The multi billionaire, visionary, film director, producer, screenwriter, and entrepreneur turn’s 77 today and to celebrate we look as some fascinating facts about his colourful life.