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Gene Weingarten: I won’t humor you anymore

When I think back over the more than 1,000 columns I have written, one of my funniest lines was pretty paltry. It wasn’t even a full sentence. It was a dependent, hyphenated clause about The Plumber Who Saved Thanksgiving. My wife and I were a day away from hosting 10 friends from out of town for Thanksgiving dinner when all three toilets in the house stopped flushing. A plumber arrived with backpacks of equipment, some of it ancient and mechanical, but most of it high-tech. There were computer consoles and 90-foot snakes with electric eyes. The plumber descended to the basement, deployed the technology and diagnosed: We would have to dig up the front yard, replace old plumbing with new. More dreadful, we would have no water — no functioning sinks or bathrooms — for at least three days.
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Readers critique The Post: What Gene Weingarten should know about Indian food

Every week, The Post runs a collection of letters of readers’ grievances — pointing out grammatical mistakes, missing coverage and inconsistencies. These letters tell us what we did wrong and, occasionally, offer praise. Here, we present this week’s Free for All letters. Words are the first thing he should eat.

Rasika Owner Invites Gene Weingarten to Lunch

Even though Washington Post Magazine humor columnist Gene Weingarten’s piece on his distaste for all of Indian cuisine has elicited a lot of f***-yous from all corners of the Twittersphere, one DC restaurateur is extending him an invitation. Ashok Bajaj, owner of Rasika, an acclaimed Indian restaurant with locations in...
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Gene Weingarten: You can’t make me eat these foods

Some people feel that I am a food snob, but that is calumny. It is simply that I have an unusually sophisticated palate, broadly eclectic tastes supplemented by the lack of an “ewww” factor, and a huge appreciation for culinary inventiveness. All of this sets me apart from, and above, lesser persons, such as you.