Gene G. Chandler

Gene G. Chandler: Thank you to the 360 Bartlett voters for supporting me

Thank you to the 360 Bartlett voters who allowed me to retain my selectman's seat in the town of Bartlett. To the others, I will try to earn your support. Thank you to all my supporters who made calls, stood out in the cold holding signs and generally talked about my efforts on behalf of the citizens of Bartlett.

Gene G. Chandler: Bartlett police have been alerted about Slitt's billboard plan

The letter from Ms. Laura Slitt in the Feb. 25, 2021, edition regarding the billboard on U.S. Route 302 in Glen needs a reply. Ms. Slitt implies that since she called the selectmen's office at least three times, that the selectmen should have compelled the property owner to remove the political signs from the billboard.