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Rush’s Geddy Lee on A Farewell To Kings, Les Claypool the bassist, and what he thinks of Primus playing the album live in its entirety

Playing A Farewell To Kings in full is not for the fainthearted. Even Geddy Lee, the man who recorded it, thought Les Claypool “was a little bit nuts” for attempting it. If there was going to be one band on the planet with the desire, the chops and the derring-do to dive headlong into a madcap endeavor such as performing Rush’s 1977 prog landmark A Farewell To Kings live it was Primus.
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Les Claypool: “Singing Geddy Lee parts and playing bass, or just singing Geddy Lee parts period, is f**king hard, because it’s up in the upper stratosphere”

Les Claypool – bassist, producer, novelist and low-end pioneer – is the frontman of the remarkable funk-rock band Primus, as well as a whole string of amazing side projects. Admired for his thumping and plucking and his willingness to experiment with a host of fretted, fretless, whammy-barred, and...

Geddy Lee on beer, Rush 2.0, and his friendship with Alex Lifeson

Former Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee, who is due to publish his memoir next year, talks us through his career highlights from the 20-plus years of Classic Rock’s lifetime. This interview was conducted to mark the 300th issue of Classic Rock magazine, which launched in 1998. The anniversary issue is available to purchase online (opens in new tab), and also features interviews with Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmons, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Rick Nielsen, Slash and many more.

Geddy Lee reviews Primus’ Rush tribute tour: “They did us proud”

Primus‘ Rush tribute tour got a rave review from Geddy Lee himself. The tour — during which Primus is playing Rush’s 1977 album A Farewell to Kings in full, as well as a set of their own songs — made a stop in the “Tom Sawyer” outfit’s hometown of Toronto Friday. Lee attended the show alongside Rush band mate Alex Lifeson and later reflected on the experience in an Instagram post.