ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Gauss, Brief Candles

A show took place at Club Timbuktu in Riverwest Saturday night featuring slowcore rockers Haunter, noise pop band Brief Candles, and experimental rockers Gauss. An excited crowd of music lovers came out to support, and fun was had. Gauss consists of vocalist/guitarist Eddie Chapman, bassist John Larkin, drummer Andy Grygiel,...
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How to defeat all Outriders bosses, from Gauss to Yagak

Taking down the toughest bosses in Outrides is no easy task, whether it’s the first one you meet – Gauss – or even the final showdown with Yagak. If you want to take them down with ease, we’ve got a handy guide for you. The first major boss you’ll meet...
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Outriders boss guide: How to defeat Gauss at the Solar Tower

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, but this guy doesn’t believe that at all. Gauss is one of the Altered, a being empowered by the Anomaly in Enoch. Since Gauss is the first boss in Outriders, he’s pretty much the first challenging enemy you’ll face. You’ll encounter him once you reach the Solar Tower area. Here’s our Outriders boss guide to help you defeat Gauss.
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Letter: Vote Gauss in Pembroke

To the Editor: I am writing in support of Gene Gauss for Pembroke School Board. Gene is finishing his first term on the board and has been a responsible and respected member. Gene has proven that he can listen to differing opinions and review the facts before making a decision. He is careful whenever his decision may cost taxpayers money as he understands the effect rising taxes have on all residents. He always attempts to balance this understanding with his concern that the Pembroke public schools offer a quality education for their students.

Outriders: How to Beat Gauss

Outriders has a few tough boss fights waiting for you, even in the demo. Gauss is the first real boss that you’ll be up against while progressing through the main story. His electrical powers can be tricky to overcome, so here’s how to defeat Gauss in Outriders. How to Beat...
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Letter: Gauss for school board in Pembroke

In this year of COVID, it is easy to filter everything through that lens, but COVID will pass and in terms of elections we need to look at the bigger picture. For that reason I have chosen to support Gene Gauss for school board in Pembroke and urge others to do the same.

Kroger and Gauss Soon to Launch This Rapid iPhone-Assisted COVID-19 Test

- + As COVID continues to spread, companies are looking for ways to make testing and vaccination easier for the public. Rather than work alone, this pandemic is bringing together the most unusual collaborators. In the latest effort, tech companies like Apple, medical companies like Gauss, and retailers like Kroger...
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Letter: Gauss for Pembroke School Board

To the voters of Pembroke: I write this letter in support of Gene Gauss for the Pembroke School Board. I served with Gene for a short time before I left the board and found him to be a dedicated and responsible individual. He listened carefully and asked appropriate questions before making decisions.

Kroger Health to Offer Gauss' At-Home Coronavirus Antigen Test Kit

NEW YORK — Kroger Health said on Tuesday that it has signed an agreement to offer Gauss' smartphone-enabled, at-home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit throughout the US. Kroger Health said that it will offer the kit online and at the counters of its 2,200 pharmacies nationwide once it has received Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration.
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Letter: Gauss for Pembroke School Board

My style is to call it like I see it. So, I have got to say that I have been grateful and humbled to have served alongside Gene Gauss during my first year as a member of the Pembroke School Board. Pembroke is lucky to have him as a resident and the Pembroke School Board is extremely fortunate for him to give us his considerable time and talent.