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Will Parker return in NCIS Season 20? (Is Gary Cole coming back?)

Gary Cole stepped in as team leader in NCIS Season 19, but things were rough at the end of the season. Will Parker come back in NCIS Season 20?. Gibbs’s departure meant that a new team leader was needed. McGee didn’t want to do the job, so Vance brought someone else in. We got Parker in the role, who initially appeared to be a thorn in Gibbs’s side until he got a call from Fornell to say let Gibbs go.
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The Good Fight Final Season Trailer: Is Diane Dumping Gary Cole for Mad Man John Slattery? — WATCH

Click here to read the full article. Gary Cole’s full-time commitment to NCIS may have created an opportunity for Diane Lockhart. Paramount+ on Wednesday unveiled the official trailer for The Good Fight‘s sixth and final season, and the 150-second teaser strongly implies that Christine Baranski’s married alter ego gets romantically entangled with the new doctor character played by Mad Men vet John Slattery. Meanwhile, Cole — who co-stars as Diane’s hubby Kurt McVeigh — gets minimal screen time in the trailer (watch above). As we previously reported, series creators Robert and Michelle King toyed with breaking up Diane and Kurt last season,...

‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Will Appear in at Least One Steamy Scene on ‘The Good Fight’

Gary Cole earned a spot in the NCIS cast this time a year ago. But the guy who plays Alden Parker didn’t dump all his roles on other shows. So yes, that means that Cole will be back for at least one episode in the final season of The Good Fight. He started playing Kurt McVeigh, the charming ballistics expert with a penchant for conservative politics, back on The Good Wife in 2010. Then when CBS created The Good Fight as a spinoff, Cole reprised his role. He’s appeared in a combined 34 episodes. And on both shows, he and Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart showed that opposites do fall in love with each other. So for this non-classic TV love story, you have a liberal, Hillary Clinton-supporting lawyer marrying an NRA advocate who worked for the Donald Trump administration.

‘NCIS’: Is Alden Parker Actor Gary Cole Married?

The last we saw of Alden Parker on NCIS was when he and his ex-wife, Viv, sped away from D.C. in a vintage Mercedes as Bon Jovi’s Runaway blasted through the stereo system. Gary Cole, as Parker, finished up his first season of NCIS with a personal cliffhanger. Is he guilty of murder? Is Viv someone who really investigates unexplained phenomena for the government? Or is she far more sinister and capable of murder while setting up her own kidnapping. Yes, there’s lots of drama awaiting Parker when NCIS rolls out season 20 sometime this fall. For now, it’s complicated for Alden Parker, who replaced Leroy Jethro Gibbs as special agent in charge.

‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Opens Up About Working With ‘CSI’ Legend William Petersen in One of His First Roles

Late last year, NCIS mainstay, Mark Harmon, made his exit from the show, leaving a hole virtually impossible to fill. Not only was his character, Supervisory Special Agent Gibbs, a fan-favorite, but Mark Harmon had been with the series from the very beginning. He predated NCIS, in fact, his role stretching all the way back to the show’s predecessor, JAG.

‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Reveals If He Was a Fan of the Long-Running Series Before Joining Cast

Gary Cole has been a mainstay on television and film for decades now. Over the years, the longtime actor has landed some iconic roles including portraying the ever-optimistic Brady Bunch patriarch Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie, the 1990s take of the hit 1970s series The Brady Bunch. Cole has also made it to cult-classic status, portraying the manager we all love to hate, Bill Lumbergh in the 1999 film Office Space. And, most recently, Cole has joined one of our favorite prime-time television teams taking on a role as NCIS leader Alden Parker in the hit CBS procedural drama series.

‘NCIS’: Gary Cole Explains What It Takes to Play Special Agent Alden Parker

For NCIS star Gary Cole, playing in a crime drama isn’t as complicated as it seems. Just like any role, the “trick” to pulling it off is acting normal. Most film work reflects real-life conversations and behaviors. And that’s also true for procedurals. But because of the nature of law enforcement, that means actors are reciting their lines incredibly fast. And in some cases, the heavy lingo can seem like a different language. So stars find it particularly challenging to work in the genre.

NCIS: Teri Polo joins cast in role alongside Gary Cole

Actress Teri Polo, perhaps best known as Stef Adams Foster from Freeform’s The Fosters, has been cast in an upcoming role of the hit series. As per Deadline, Polo’s character, Vivian Kolchak, is connected to Gary Cole’s Alden Parker. Kolchak is Parker’s ex-wife, who used to also work at the FBI. However, after their divorce, she became a paranormal investigator for the Department of Defense.

NCIS Made A Masterful Reference To Office Space, And Of Course Gary Cole Was Involved

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the NCIS episode “Starting Over.” Read at your own risk!. When NCIS brought in Gary Cole to portray Alden Parker, the bigwig who stepped in to replace Mark Harmon’s Gibbs following his exit from the task force, the Veep vet had some big shoes to fill. But his tenure has been impressive so far, and the CBS procedural scored some major comedy points with an unexpected (but constantly hoped for) reference to one of Cole's most celebrated films, Office Space. While we didn't see Jennifer Aniston guest-starring to show off any flair, NCIS found a simple but no less masterful way to reference Cole’s pitch-perfect performance as one of cinema's most nerve-grinding bosses, Bill Lumbergh.

NCIS season 19: A brief behind-the-scenes Gary Cole video!

As we’ve pointed out this week, production on NCIS season 19 has been rather quiet over the past couple of weeks. If there is something big happening behind the scenes, the cast and crew are doing their part keeping a tight lid on things. If nothing else, can’t we...
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Obituary: Gary Cole

Gary Edward Cole was born October 27th, 1946 in Seattle, Washington. Gary was influenced early by what would become lifelong passions: music, travel, and sport. While at Ingram High School, Gary’s choir had the opportunity to do an exchange program with a high school choir in Kobe, Japan. This experience fostered lifelong friendships, the love of performing, and a lifelong zest for travel. He also took regular trips up to Stevens Pass with Frank Reinig, a close family friend, who instilled a love for skiing, photography, and nature in Gary.

Park City iconic arts patron and business leader Gary Cole dies

A fifty-year resident of Park City, Gary Cole, passed away on Tuesday morning. KPCW has this tribute to a life fully lived. Gary Cole settled in Park City in 1972 with his wife, Jana. After a road trip scoping out western mountain towns searching for a new home, they moved to town and picked Park City to spend the winter teaching skiing. Park City had few commercial interests, a yet undiscovered recreation capacity, and an unclear economic future in those days.

‘NCIS’ Fans Want Gary Cole To Sneak In Some of His Classic Lines

Gary Cole may have been cast as the newest NCIS lead agent. But he’s having a hard time stepping out of the shadow of his past roles. As most of you know, Cole has played some majorly iconic characters in his day. The actor was Reese Bobby in Talladega Nights, Bill Lumbergh in Office Space, and Ted Jones in Pineapple Express. His roles are literally what memes are made of.

NCIS’ Gary Cole Talks Taking Over For Mark Harmon And What He’s Definitely Not Trying To Do

Fans of the long-running CBS hit NCIS got a rather unpleasant surprise earlier this year when it was announced that Mark Harmon wouldn’t be around for most of Season 19. It wasn’t long before we were introduced to Gary Cole as FBI Agent Alden Parker, who has now officially taken over as Gibbs’ replacement to lead the team. Now, Cole is talking about his new gig, and what he’s definitely not trying to do with the role.