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Gary Cohen blasts ‘pathetic’ instant replay after blown Mets call

Tell us how you really feel, Gary Cohen. During the Mets’ 10-3 loss to the Orioles on Tuesday night, the disgusted play-by-play man blasted MLB for its instant replay system, referring to it as “pathetic.”. The lengthy rant stemmed from a call in the bottom half of the first inning....
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Mets announcer Gary Cohen calmly crushing MLB over 'pathetic' instant replay ruling is too good

It feels like Major League Baseball umps have been really bad lately so one would think that using instant replay to get calls correct would fix things, right?. Time and again we’ve seen bad calls get made on the field and then we’ve seen those bad calls somehow get upheld after lengthy reviews that not only show the call was wrong but also slow down the game.
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Gary Cohen is the Best Broadcaster in MLB

It’s a fact that Gary Cohen is the best play-by-play guy in today’s game. Not even up for debate; no one comes close to him. Older baseball fans can make the argument that the most recently active announcer that comes anywhere near his iconic status is Dodgers legend Vince Scully. As the captain of the best broadcasting booth in baseball, Gary helps direct the vast amount of knowledge of the game shared by Keith [Hernandez] and Ron [Darling Jr.] into cohesive thought processes related to the game at hand. Depending on the day and length of the game, it isn’t always easy to follow Keith’s train of thought - if we’re in extras it is nearly impossible. However, Gary always manages to do it and it is always hilarious to watch.

Attorney Gary Cohen appointed to Pima County Superior Court

BENSON — Gov. Doug Ducey announced the appointment of attorney Gary Cohen to the Pima County Superior Court last week. Cohen, who is a partner at Mesch Clark Rothschild where he has practiced since 1993, has been serving as Benson’s city attorney for about four years. “Before I’m sworn in,...