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Gail Goodrich spent a good part of his professional career as “the other guy.” That characterization masked the steady growth of a fine player who continually confounded his skeptics. When he was a 6-foot-1 All-City guard at Los Angeles Polytechnic High School, he was told he was too small for college basketball. After becoming an All-American at UCLA, he was told he was too frail to become a pro. When he turned professional, he played in the shadows of Jerry West, Pete Maravich and other more renowned guards.
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Legends: Gail Goodrich

In high school, Gail Goodrich was considered "too small" to be a basketball star, but the L.A. native soared to unthinkable heights. Recruited by John Wooden, Goodrich led UCLA to two national titles. Then he turned pro, and in his second stint with the Lakers, he helped guide the team to the 1972 NBA championship along-side all-time greats like Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain. Jim Hill caught up with the Hall of Famer for this week's edition of "Legends".
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