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Frederick Leonard Koehler of Livingston died on May 17, at the age of 90. Mr. Koehler was born in Irvington and was a graduate of Seton Hall Prep and St. Peter’s College. He was a senior vice president at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey until his retirement in 1992.

Whatever Happened to Frederick Koehler?

There are a lot of times when many a fan has seen someone they’ve seen before and said “I know that person! But from where?” when describing an actor that they recall. Considering that Frederick Koehler started out as a child actor it’s not hard to think that a lot of people that have seen him in fairly recent projects have been trying to piece together where they’ve seen him before. It turns out that there are a lot of places to pick from since Frederick has been involved in quite a few TV and movie projects over the years, but unless one has been up on his career they might only remember him from some of the more recent entries since he’s been seen in several different roles that have been anything from meek and meager to overly aggressive. Looking at the guy one might think that he doesn’t really have the appearance of someone that might be into action or anything other than drama and possibly comedy. But he’s managed to turn in a number of roles that have been likable and even impressive over the years. There are a few that are worth a mention since at least one of them has lasted for a few movies while one was a nice addition to an already popular TV show.
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