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X5 E53 Designer Frank Stephenson Says BMW Should Hire This Artist

Frank Stephenson is brutally honest on his YouTube channel where he has racked up 200,000 subscribers in only three years. The talented man who penned the BMW X5 (E53) and the first modern MINI had harsh things to say about the Concept XM. He mentioned it’s “terrible” and that “each line has a mind of its own”.
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These Are Porsche’s Three Greatest Designs According To Frank Stephenson

When you think of Porsche, most often you think of the Porsche 911. Saying that the rear-engine sports car is the brand’s most definitive model has turned into a trite cliché. A while back, we covered Frank Stephenson’s guide to Aston Martin’s three greatest designs. Now, as part of his YouTube series, he is giving us his take on the three greatest designs from Porsche.

Frank Stephenson Designed A Car For GTA And It's Ridiculous In All The Right Ways

The render above is not a new car coming to Grand Theft Auto Online in a future update, though I could very much see how you’d think that, given that it combines elements of at least five different machines into one. GTA cars tend to be absurd mashups of very recognizable models, and designer Frank Stephenson’s latest creation — the Frankenstein — totally fits the bill.

Frank Stephenson Names His Three Personal Favorite Aston Martin Designs

Choosing three of the best Aston Martin designs is no easy task. Thankfully car designer Frank Stephenson is on hand with three of his favorite Aston Martin designs along with a detailed breakdown. Every Aston Martin is pretty which makes this task uniquely difficult. Frank’s expertise and interesting choices lead us through decades of great design that helped define Aston Martin.

Frank Stephenson Finds Aston Martin Valhalla Design Borderline Perfect

Having made an official and full debut in production form about a month ago, the Aston Martin Valhalla is surely the hot topic when it comes to the much-loved British manufacturer these days. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering with a twin-turbo V8 engine supported by a pair of electric engines. There’s so much more to it than just the hybrid powertrain, though, and even famous designer Frank Stephenson praises its design in his latest video. If you’ve been following his new YouTube channel, you’ll probably know that he is more often criticizing than praising new designs.

VIDEO: Frank Stephenson Breaks Down BMW 2 Series Design

The all-new BMW 2 Series recently made its debut at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed. One of the attendees was automotive designer, and former BMW designer, Frank Stephenson. During the ’90s and early ’00s, Stephenson penned some very important cars for BMW, including the revival of the MINI and the original BMW X5. So, naturally, he has an emotional attachment to BMW. However, what he saw at Goodwood wasn’t exactly encouraging.

Frank Stephenson Just Launched A Coloring Book

There is no doubt that car design is a form of art. We're not exactly talking about mid-90s Ford F-150 pickup trucks, but more along the lines of the Ferrari F40 and or Jaguar E-Type. Classic car designs get stuck in one's head like one of Mozart's diddles, but we often don't know who's the person behind the work. That has never been the case with Frank Stephenson, one of the most iconic and influential car designers of all time, responsible for cars such as the Maserati MC20 and McLaren P1.

VIDEO: Frank Stephenson Breaks Down the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Design

Rolls-Royce made quite the stir with the completely bespoke Boat Tail, an extremely custom-tailored design built only for three wealthy clients. In today’s modern age of scalable, shared architectures, truly bespoke coachbuilding is nigh impossible but the Boat Tail is about as close as we’ll get. There’s even some speculation as to who may have bought the first one (Jay-Z and Beyoncé, perhaps?).However, is the design actually any good? In his latest video, Frank Stephenson breaks down the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail design and talks about whether it’s a truly special design or just a way for rich people to show off how much money they have.

Frank Stephenson Explains the Three Greatest BMW Designs of All Time

Automotive design Frank Stephenson, who we had on the podcast awhile back, was responsible for penning a couple of BMW’s most important cars of the late ’90s and early ’00s. For starters, he designed the 1999 MINI, the first ever MINI to come from the BMW Group. He also designed the first-generation BMW X5, a car that still looks great today and one of the most important cars in the history of BMW because it launched the brand into the world of highly-profitable SUVs. Now, BMW has about eleventy-five SUVs on sale, all thanks to the original X5.

Video: Frank Stephenson weighs in on Bieber’s Custom Rolls-Royce

Justin Beiber made headlines a while back in the automotive realm with his brand new car. Normally, that wouldn’t be exactly headline news, because Justin Beiber can afford a number of cars. And he probably changes them all the time. In this instance though, his car was a one-off. And since the Rolls-Royce name was involved, naturally a lot of eyebrows were raised in the process.