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Frank Stephenson Explains the Three Greatest BMW Designs of All Time

Automotive design Frank Stephenson, who we had on the podcast awhile back, was responsible for penning a couple of BMW’s most important cars of the late ’90s and early ’00s. For starters, he designed the 1999 MINI, the first ever MINI to come from the BMW Group. He also designed the first-generation BMW X5, a car that still looks great today and one of the most important cars in the history of BMW because it launched the brand into the world of highly-profitable SUVs. Now, BMW has about eleventy-five SUVs on sale, all thanks to the original X5.
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Video: Frank Stephenson weighs in on Bieber’s Custom Rolls-Royce

Justin Beiber made headlines a while back in the automotive realm with his brand new car. Normally, that wouldn’t be exactly headline news, because Justin Beiber can afford a number of cars. And he probably changes them all the time. In this instance though, his car was a one-off. And since the Rolls-Royce name was involved, naturally a lot of eyebrows were raised in the process.
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Ex-McLaren Designer Frank Stephenson Reviews the 2022 McLaren Artura’s Styling

In 2008, the one and only Frank Stephenson was appointed head of design at what would be known as McLaren Automotive from 2010 onward. From the 12C of 2011 all the way to a strip-slaying supercar known as the 720S, he penned them all. The question is, what does the man who gave us the first-ever BMW X5 think about the Artura, the plug-in hybrid that indirectly replaces the automaker’s Sports Series?

VIDEO: Frank Stephenson Discusses Concept Car Based BMW 1602 Electric

Back in 1972, BMW debuted its first ever electric car — the BMW 1602 Electric-Antrieb — which was used as a shuttle for the ’72 Olympics. It was essentially a 1602 that had been converted to electric power, all the way back in the ’70s. Beat that Tesla. Of course, the 1602 Electric amounted to almost nothing and BMW stopped playing with electric cars for several decades afterward. That doesn’t mean that the little electric 1602 didn’t capture the hearts of some enthusiasts, though.

Video: Frank Stephenson dissects the design of the BMW iX

Over the last few years, BMW has been trying new approaches in terms of design. As expected, a lot of those changes have been controversial. After the BMW 4 Series was unveiled, critics were quick to point out its styling and the departure from classic BMW design cues. Now, several months later, BMW has another fire on its hands: the design of the new BMW iX.
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Frank Stephenson Critiques the Cars of Cyberpunk 2077, Reveals Favorites

It’s safe to say that the launch of the most anticipated game of the year, Cyberpunk 2077, did no go as planned. Following several delays, the actual release has been plagued by glitches, bugs, and unmitigated (and occasionally misplaced) customer outrage. It’s all part of the game, and customers shouldn’t...
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Cyberpunk 2077: Supercar Designer Frank Stephenson Rates Its Cars and Bikes

Some are cool, some are not. Polish video game developer CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077 quickly went from being the year's most highly-anticipated video game release to another letdown. As supercar designer Frank Stephenson points out, however, once release dates announced by the management are set in stone, there's little the team can do if something isn't quite ready yet. Is that what happened here? Whether it is or it isn't, Stephenson recently took the time to analyze the game's rides, much like he did a bit ago with Grand Theft Auto V.
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The Bugatti Bolide Is 'the Ultimate Statement,' Says Famed Supercar Designer Frank Stephenson

9.9 points for the 1,825-horsepower W16 car with very few rules to follow. Reportedly built to FIA standards, the Bugatti Bolide is the ultimate conceptual representation of the brand's W16 quad-turbo powertrain, so far spawning a functional prototype that suggests astonishing performance on the track, at least according to Bugatti's computer simulations. A total of 1,825 horsepower on race gas for a top speed past 310 mph, a 5:23.1 lap around the Nürburgring, and nearly 4,000 pounds of downforce over the rear axle at 200 miles per hour. Bugatti has yet to prove any of these figures in the real world, yet the Bolide's no-nonsense design shows a lot of promise even when standing still. It's pretty much every car designer's dream, and for 27-year-old former intern Nils Sajonz, that opportunity came fairly early.

Frank Stephenson “Blown Away” By The Bugatti Bolide’s Design

The Bugatti Bolide is one of the most insane track-focused hypercars ever conceived and while it has yet to be given the thumbs up for production, we’ve got little doubt customers would line-up in their droves to buy one if it got the green light. The Bugatti Bolide is powered...