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See What Frank Ocean, Chloe Sevigny, Pharrell, and More Wore to Balenciaga’s NYC Fashion Show

See What Frank Ocean, Chloe Sevigny, Pharrell, and More Wore to Balenciaga’s NYC Fashion Show. On Sunday morning, Balenciaga took over the New York Stock Exchange for its Spring 23 runway show. Demna, Balenciaga’s mononymous creative director, has assembled a Camelot of famous fashion freaks—and less-famous subcultural icons—around his freaky, futuristic vision. None of whom could miss his first American runway show. Outside, throngs of tourists and Balenciaga-clad fans packed as close as they could to 11 Wall Street for a view of—who? It was occasionally hard to tell who was rocking up, thanks to the alien-eye shades many attendees wore. But mostly, the crowd’s cheers were unmistakable: Frank Ocean! Megan Thee Stallion! Chloe Sevigny! Eric Adams? The NYC mayor may not have gotten as many selfie requests as, say, Pharrell, but Adams still put on his Sunday best for the biggest event in town. See what everyone wore to the show below.
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Grammys 2022: Cory Henry on Memorable Moments With Ye, Working With Frank Ocean, and Creating His Own Sound

If you weren’t familiar with the name Cory Henry, please allow us to introduce you to the four-time Grammy nominee, multi-instrumentalist, and keyboard virtuoso. Already a three-time winner as a member of Snarky Puppy for Culcha Vulcha in 2016, this Brooklyn O.G. has now called Los Angeles his home, where his first body of work, Something to Say, is up for Best Progressive R&B Album.
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Frank Ocean: ‘Blonde’

On the final episode of NO SKIPS with Jinx and Shea, the guys lock in on the genre-bending spectacle that is Frank Ocean’s sophomore album, Blonde. Listen as Jinx and Shea celebrate Frank Ocean’s ability to trigger the most vivid memories of youth with profound lyrics and rhyme schemes over beautifully unpredictable instrumentals on tracks like “Nikes,” “Self-Control,” “Nights,” and “Siegfried.” The guys also try to pull off the impossible task of determining the best line of the entire album.

Artist deep dive: Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is one of the most exciting R&B artists of the 21 st century, and he has certainly made a. name for himself in the industry, despite the fact that he has not released nearly as much music as. other artists of his stature. In order to truly appreciate...

Frank Ocean Fans Are Not Here For Machine Gun Kelly’s

The “Godspeed” artist been working on something new for his fans. The 2023 Coachella performer previewed snippets of his new music over the holidays on the Christmas episode of Blonded Radio. He shared an almost nine minute-long clip of a song inspired by conversations he’d had with Dutch athlete and motivational speaker Wim Hof, a.k.a. “The Iceman.”

Frank Ocean Fans Are Very Unhappy With Machine Gun Kelly’s Cover Of ‘Swim Good’

A new project from Frank Ocean has been on the horizon for years. Remember when he hinted at a new LP with his 2019 songs “DHL” and “In My Room“? Yeah, that never happened. Ocean’s fans were probably excited to see the musician’s name trending on Twitter Wednesday evening, presuming it be news about Ocean’s next release. So one can imagine their disappointment when they instead found a cover of “Swim Good” by none other than Megan Fox’s blood-drinking fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly.

Cat Power Captivates With ‘Covers,’ Barely Recognizable Songs by Frank Ocean, Bob Seger, Billie Holiday, More: Album Review

Indie icon Cat Power — a.k.a. Chan Marshall — has been releasing fine albums of original material for more than 25 years, but imaginative covers have always been a big part of her sound: Her sparse debut LP, “Dear Sir,” which featured a song written by Tom Waits and one by This Kind of Punishment, set the mold for a carefully curated mixture of classic and contemporary tracks written by others. “Covers” is actually Marshall’s third all-covers album. She released “The Covers Album” in and “Jukebox” in 2008, the latter arriving in the wake of “The Greatest,” the most commercially successful...
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Review: Frank Ocean gives his fans a Christmas miracle

The perplexing and shrouded talent known as Frank Ocean has made headlines again this year with his new release on Blonded Radio. It has been over two years since Frank Ocean released a single track, and getting close to 2,000 days since his last studio album “Blonde” was released. We can all agree that everyone is starving for Frank Ocean material. Apple Music fans, on the contrary, have benefited from Blonded Radio and Frank Ocean's Christmas Day release.

Frank Ocean Gifts Fans With New Music

Santa Claus wasn’t the only one delivering presents for Christmas. In case you missed it, award-winning recording artist Frank Ocean, gifted fans with unreleased music during the new Christmas edition episode of his Apple Music 1’s Blonde Radio. In the new episode, Ocean shared a 2020 conversation with Dutch extreme athlete-motivational speaker Wim Hof – better known as The Iceman – that addresses Ocean’s past grief and premiered nine minutes of unreleased music.

Frank Ocean drops new music: Listen

Frank Ocean has shared a new song via his Blonded Radio show for Apple Music. The artist's Christmas special episode of the occasional radio show aired on Christmas Day, and included an almost nine-minute-long new song from him, while he also spoke with Wim "The Iceman" Hof, a Dutch motivational speaker and athlete, during the show.

Frank Ocean Blonded Radio Show: First Episode Since 2019

After quietly dropping new Blonded merch ahead of the Holiday period, Frank Ocean has just as quietly hosted the first Blonded Radio episode since 2019. The show, which is hosted on Apple Music and was shared on Christmas Day, featured almost 9 minutes of new music from Frank Ocean himself, as well as a conversation the artist had with extreme athlete Wim Hof (AKA The Ice Man).