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‘I want you to see what a s***show America is’: Veteran pollster Frank Luntz warns UK against embracing US-style politics

Nearly two hours after he’d started speaking to a group of correspondents from some of Britain’s largest newspapers, veteran Republican pollster Frank Luntz was fielding yet another question about his predictions for November’s midterm elections when one of the assembled scribes looked down at his watch.As Luntz explained how and why in his estimation, Democrats will hold on to the Senate but lose control of the House of Representatives to the GOP, the reporter (representing a conservative-leaning tabloid) began to excuse himself.Luntz, who’d summoned the group to his palatial Washington, DC flat for an hour-long presentation, had gone well past...

Frank Luntz Calls Election Results ‘Absolute Rejection’ of Democratic Governance: ‘I Gotta Believe That They’re Having a Stroke Right Now’

Pollster Frank Luntz appeared on Fox News Wednesday to give his assessment of the election results in Virginia and New Jersey. Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the blue state of Virginia. Republicans are also set to retake the state’s House of Delegates. In even bluer New Jersey, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is in a surprisingly close race against Republican Jack Ciattarelli. Republicans have also scored some wins in the state legislature.

Frank Luntz Reacts to Bonkers CNN Anti-Vaxxer Interview: ‘It Used to Break My Heart and Now It Just Breaks My Brain’

Over the weekend, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan interviewed attendees of Donald Trump’s rally in Alabama, which has been hit especially hard by Covid-19 thanks in large part to low vaccination rates. One woman O’Sullivan spoke with had said she’s not taking the vaccine because she’s “ain’t a sheep.”. “I watch Prophets...

Pollster Frank Luntz Says Vaccine Hesitancy Among GOP Has 'Transformed' to Opposition

Republican pollster Frank Luntz said vaccine hesitancy among the GOP has "transformed" to opposition, the Associated Press reported. Luntz has been working with President Joe Biden's administration and public health officials to create messaging for COVID-19 vaccines geared toward those hesitant to get the shots. By mid-June, 51 percent of Republicans said they received at least one shot compared to 83 percent of Democrats, an AP-NORC poll revealed.

Frank Luntz persuaded health care nonprofit to underwrite TV spots for House Republicans

Millions of Americans have seen supposed public service announcements, or PSAs, featuring 13 Republican House members who are up for re-election in 2022, which were made at no cost to those members on the recommendation of pollster Frank Luntz and the instruction of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, all while Luntz was providing below-market housing to McCarthy in the pollster's luxurious Washington condo.