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Florence Welch Reveals Her Special Bond With Cruella de Vil

A movie about a fabulous villainess like Cruella needs some great music. There must be a soundtrack to all of the chaotic happenings and a great wardrobe. Florence + the Machine’s frontwoman Florence Welch wrote “Call Me Cruella” and it’s the perfect song for the new Cruella film, currently streaming on Disney +. As the lyrics state, Cruella is indeed original, criminal, and dressed to kill. Cruella actress Emma Stone and Florence Welch came together for a short chat to talk about the film and the song.
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‘Great Gatsby’ Broadway Musical To Feature Songs By Florence Welch

Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Florence Welch is going to co-write songs for the new musical adaptation of The Great Gatsby. She will be co-writing her songs with Thomas Bartlett, whom she previously worked with on her song “Jenny of Oldstones.” Welch is best known as the frontwoman for the band Florence + The Machine, which was nominated for three Grammys back in 2016.

Florence Welch to Write a Great Gatsby Musical

You may have heard that the post-COVID era will be the next "Roaring 20's." Well, Florence Welch is taking that literally. The Grammy-nominated Florence + the Machine lead singer-songwriter is writing a new musical, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. The show, creatively titled The Great Gatsby, A New Musical, will stem from Fitzgerald's classic work, where newcomer Nick Carraway befriends the mysterious titan Jay Gatsby. The pair attend extravagant parties at Gatsby's mansion, pine after Gatsby's love interest, Daisy Buchanan, and ponder the existence of the American dream.
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‘Great Gatsby’ musical gets a green light with Florence Welch

Ashley Lee, Los Angeles Times, (TNS) F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary novel “The Great Gatsby” is being adapted into a stage musical, with Florence Welch in tow. The Florence + the Machine frontwoman will serve as the show’s lyricist and composer, writing the music with Thomas Bartlett (also known as Doveman). The two collaborated on the “Game of Thrones” song “Jenny of Oldstones.”
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Florence Welch to write Great Gatsby musical score

Florence Welch will score a new musical based on The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. The musician will write the lyrics with her band Florence + the Machine, while Academy Award nominee Thomas Bartlett will take on songwriting. “Musicals were my first love,” says Welch, “and I feel a...

Florence Welch Is Writing a 'Great Gatsby' Musical

Florence Welch is bringing a musical adaptation of The Great Gatsby to Broadway! The Florence + the Machine frontwoman has been tapped to write the music for the stage production of F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel. Pulitzer prize winner Martyna Majok is set to helm the writing of the adaptation,...

Florence Welch to adapt The Great Gatsby for stage musical

Pop star Florence Welch will write the music and lyrics for a stage adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Welch, known as the front woman of Florence + the Machine, will work with Oscar nominee Thomas Bartlett on the music. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Martyna Majok will write the book while Rebecca...

Things We Saw Today: Florence Welch Is Writing a Great Gatsby Musical

Florence Welch will be bringing her own musical adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, to the stage because the book is now in the public domain and that means winner takes all. The musical will be led by Welch, best known as the leading force behind the...