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Fisher Stevens regrets 'Short Circuit' role where he played an Indian character: 'It definitely haunts me'

Fisher Stevens really regrets appearing as an Indian character in brownface for the 1986 movie "Short Circuit" and its subsequent sequel. Stevens, who was born in Chicago, plays Ben Jabituya in the science fiction comedy about two scientists whose advanced robot gains sentience. While the Johnny 5 robot character is still revered as a staple of 1980s comedies, Stevens’ role and the subsequent darkening of his skin to appear as an Indian man is often criticized to this day for portraying a stereotype and taking a role away from an Indian actor.
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Whatever Happened to Fisher Stevens?

With everything he’s done over the course of an impressive career, one might think that Fisher Stevens would be known for a few other roles that might have made him stand out among the Hollywood elite. But the truth of it is that while he’s easy to recognize, trying to think of the most famous roles he’s taken might only yield a few memories here and there depending on what people have seen and what movie or TV show they recall seeing him in. There are a couple of obvious places that people might think of that he’s been, but apart from that, he’s been kind of under the radar for a good part of his career. Thankfully that doesn’t mean that he’s any less impressive for what he’s done since he’s been a director and a producer for a good deal of time and he’s taken on several projects that have been easy to recognize and even enjoy. For one reason or another though his time on screen hasn’t always been as easy to follow, though as mentioned there are a few moments when he was particularly noticeable since he stood out in a way that made it nearly impossible to discount his character. In fact, he plays a pretty good villain.

Fisher Stevens apologizes to the cast of 'Friends' for past behavior

Fisher Stevens, who made an appearance on the first season of "Friends," is apologizing to the cast for how he acted when he was on set. In his brief "Friends" stint, Stevens played Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) psychiatrist boyfriend Roger. In the show, the character was meant to be a little evil, acting like a jerk to all of Phoebe's friends.
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Fisher Stevens apologizes to the cast of Friends: 'I was an a--hole'

Watch the full episode of Couch Surfing streaming now on, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device. In the first season of Friends, Fisher Stevens played Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) psychiatrist boyfriend Roger who uses his analytical powers for evil, acting like a huge jerk to all six of the titular friends. And now Stevens wants to apologize to the Friends cast for behaving like Roger on set and acting like a real "a--hole" while filming his episode.
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Fisher Stevens on Directing ‘Palmer’, Producing ‘Tiger King’, and ‘Succession’ Season 3

While some that work in the entertainment industry stay in certain lanes, Fisher Stevens has spent his career driving down a different path. Whether it be acting, directing, producing, making documentaries, or even his stage work, Stevens has spent the past four decades jumping from project to project without missing a beat. With his newest project, the movie Palmer, now streaming on AppleTV+, I recently landed an extended interview with Stevens.
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‘Palmer’ Director Fisher Stevens on How ‘Succession’ Helped Create an Ensemble Feeling On Set

Actor and director Fisher Stevens was shocked when Donald Trump won the 2016 election, but he wanted to learn more about America since he felt he was living in a “bubble.”. When the script for “Palmer,” now streaming on Apple TV Plus, landed on his desk, he knew that was the way to learn more. And so he set out on his feature debut adventure. Prior to filming, Stevens who built a career in documentary filmmaking also landed a small role in HBO’s “Succession.” and it was that experience that influenced his on-set environment.
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Fisher Stevens Says "It Took a Long Time" to Secure Justin Timberlake for 'Palmer'

The 'Tiger King' producer and 'Succession' series regular is about to debut his feature film starring the entertainer on Apple TV+. If it's difficult to pigeonhole Fisher Stevens, that's by design. At various points in his career, the 57-year-old Chicago native has been an actor (he's starred in everything from the Short Circuit movies to CBS' Early Edition and is currently on HBO's Succession); producer (of environmental docs like the Oscar-winning The Cove, plus the Netflix sensation Tiger King); and director.