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Fried Approves of DeSantis Being Compared to Fidel Castro

The narrative that Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and Florida Democrats have been pushing against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been that he is nothing more than a tyrant, a despot cut from the same cloth as murderous dictators like Fidel Castro, whose administration has acted as more of a “regime” than a governing office.
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Key events in U.S.-Cuba relations under Fidel Castro

January 1959: Fidel Castro leads victorious rebel troops into Havana. April: Castro visits the United States, denies he’s a communist and says Cuba won’t confiscate foreigners’ properties. He promises free elections and good U.S. relations. May: Government expropriates all private land holdings over 3,200 acres. 1960: Soviet Deputy Prime Minister...

History Of Cuba: From A Spanish Colony To Fidel Castro To The Present

With Cuba going through its largest protests against the government in half a decade, it's important to contextualize this recent movement in the island nation's long history of resistance and revolt. Here & Now's Robin Young speaks with Michael Bustamante, assistant professor of Latin American history at Florida International University,...

Fidel Castro Quote To Be Removed

Penn State University will be removing a Fidel Castro quote located on the Paul Robertson Cultural Center in the Hub. Its removal comes after a group of Students wrote a letter to University President Eric Barron. They say, in midst of the Cuban Protests, Penn State cannot ignore the actions of Castro and that he is a figure of “Totalitarianism and Oppression” that many Victims of Communism and and their families have experienced during their lives.
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Penn State UPUA releases statement on removal of Fidel Castro quote, support for multicultural caucuses

The University Park Undergraduate Association released a statement via Instagram Tuesday regarding the removal of a Fidel Castro quote in the Paul Robeson Cultural Center and their support for Penn State’s multicultural caucuses who recently voiced concerns about university administration’s handling of the situation. The removal of the quote was...

PSU removes Fidel Castro quote from campus after student concern

CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – An international student’s outcry has not only been heard but answered. Erik Suarez recently requested that Penn State University remove a quote by Fidel Castro from a campus building. “It was very shocking, very discouraging to see that a character like him was being displayed...