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Imelda Marcos on her son Philippines President-elect Ferdinand Marcos

Mama Marcos glows over son Bongbong. President of the Philippines. Given name? Ferdinand Marcos. Father? Late president of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos. Mother — who’s had her own headlines — Imelda Marcos. Back before whatshisname invented lightbulbs, she and I met. The Shah of Iran had invited friends to celebrate His Majesty’s 2,000-year-old city Persepolis. Guests like Princess Grace, Haile Selassie, Spiro Agnew, Imelda. This week — Imelda in Manila, me in New York — traded phone calls. Years come, tragedies go, but friendship of half a century goes on. When Kayser-Roth Corporation owned Miss Universe I, assistant to the president brought celebrity judges...
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Philippines election set to bring dictator Ferdinand Marcos' family back to power with landslide win for son Bongbong

Manila — The Marcos family, famously driven from power and out of the country in 1986 by Filipinos fed up with 21 years of Ferdinand Marcos' authoritarian rule, inched ever closer to a remarkable return to power on Tuesday. An unofficial tally showed the son and namesake of the late dictator, who goes by his boyhood nickname "Bongbong," had garnered a record number of votes in Monday's presidential election.
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John Oliver debunks bizarre viral claim about Michael Jordan and Ferdinand Marcos

John Oliver has debunked a bizarre viral post claiming that former Filipino president Ferdinand Marcos met Michael Jordan when he was a child.During Sunday (8 May) night’s episode ofLast Week Tonight, Oliver discussed misinformative Facebook posts regarding the country’s late former president. One such post claimed that Marcos’s wealth came from “the purported treasure left by Japanese General Yamashita after World War II” or for being a “fantastic lawyer”.One of the more bizarre posts claimed that Marcos was visiting Wilmington, North Carolina in 1969, when he gave food to a young Michael Jordan, who was begging for food, telling...

Son Of Ex-Dictator Ferdinand Marcos On Cusp Of Winning Philippines Presidential Race

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. secured a commanding lead in the Philippines’ presidential race Monday, according to preliminary results, setting the stage for Marcos—whose father was an authoritarian ruler until his 1986 ouster—to replace strongman President Rodrigo Duterte. Key Facts. Marcos, a former senator and governor whose nickname is...

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., is poised to win the Philippine presidency by a landslide

The Philippines has a presumptive winner for its presidential election, and he has a familiar name. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has emerged with around 30 million votes, according to unofficial tallies by the Philippines Commission on Elections. That is double the number of votes of his nearest competitor, Vice President Leni Robredo. It marks the culmination of the Marcos family's desire to return to the presidential palace 35 years after the family's patriarch, Ferdinand Marcos Sr., was ousted in a popular uprising over corruption and human rights violations.

JULIE MCCARTHY, BYLINE: The dynasty of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos is on the cusp of regaining power three decades after the family, mired in corruption and violations of human rights, fled in ignominy. Last night, Marcos Jr., popularly known as Bongbong, took note of the remarkable moment.

UNIDENTIFIED CROWD: (Singing in Tagalog). MCCARTHY: The generation that had confronted the Marcos dictatorship has long sought an apology for the upheaval it caused and fears the family's return. In the shadow of the presumptive president's campaign headquarters, 73-year-old Marcos loyalist Margarita Lopez told us there is nothing to be afraid of or apologize for.