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Yvette Nicole Brown And Felicia Day Set To Host THE WALKING DEAD: LAST MILE

Skybound Entertainment, Genvid Entertainment, and Facebook have announced that Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day will be live action hosts for The Walking Dead: Last Mile. This time, fans will be in charge of the story. Live streams will be hosted weekly as Instant Game introduces new story content daily for fans to view and help make crucial decisions.
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The Walking Dead: Last Mile Sets Yvette Nicole Brown, Felicia Day as Hosts

Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day are joining the next chapter of the Walking Dead Universe. Skybound Entertainment, Genvid Entertainment, and Facebook announced on Thursday that Brown and Day will serve as the live-action hosts of The Walking Dead: Last Mile, an interactive storytelling experience driven by fans. Previously revealed as "the next big installment in The Walking Dead franchise," TWD:LM is part game, part interactive television show. The Massively Interactive Live Event — MILE — begins with Brown hosting the first weekly interactive live stream on Monday, July 11, at 4 p.m. PT, exclusively on Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch.

The Walking Dead: Last Mile Announced by Skybound, Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day to Host

It’s official, The Walking Dead Universe’s upcoming massively interactive live event game, The Walking Dead: Last Mile will be hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day in a live-action format that is set to react and explore the story choices decided by the fans which are exclusively happening on Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch starting on July 11th.

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Jonah Ray and Felicia Day on How the Gizmoplex Helped the Show

The upcoming, thirteenth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will take the cult-favorite TV series do a proprietary app and website, The Gizmoplex, where fans can buy in, keep MST3K alive, and get exclusive access to new episodes, interactive events, a deep back catalog of content, and more. The series, which was born out of public access television before moving to Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel, got a feature film from Universal before it was over the first time. A revival in recent years took the show to Netflix, and introduced some big-name series regulars, including Felicia Day (Supernatural) and Jonah Ray (Galaxy Brains podcast).

Felicia Day And Jonah Ray On Returning Mystery Science Theater 3000 To Its Scrappy Roots [Interview]

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" started in the mind of show creator Joel Hodgson before debuting on KTMA in Minnesota in 1988, with the show eventually moving to The Comedy Channel (later Comedy Central) for several lucrative seasons, and then shunting over to the Sci-Fi Channel (later SyFy) to wrap up its run, before returning on Netflix (still Netflix) for two additional seasons. Now, "MST3K" has been rescued once again, this time by Kickstarter backers, so that it may make its debut on its very own streaming service called The Gizmoplex.
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Felicia Day Reveals the ‘MST3K’ Season 13 Film That ‘Hurt My Soul a Little Bit’

Like Dracula or a horde of zombies from a cheesy B movie, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has proven impossible to keep down. The Peabody Award-winning cult favorite — which mines laughs by showing and making fun of eye-poppingly awful movies and educational shorts — is going it alone for Season 13, launching its own streaming service after raising $6.5 million though a Kickstarter campaign. Cast member and writer Felicia Day was disappointed when Netflix canceled MST3K in 2019, but had a feeling that creator Joel Hodgson would find a way to resurrect it.

THE WITCHER Is Getting an After Show That'll Feature Deleted Scenes and Felicia Day Will Host

Netflix's fantasy series The Witcher will get its very own after show with Season 2. The show is titled The Witcher: Unlocked, and it will be a 60-minute long show that will air on YouTube and Facebook. It will feature interviews with the cast and showrunners and will also include deleted scenes and details on how Season 2 leads into Season 3 and the upcoming prequel, The Witcher: Blood Origin. Oh yeah! Felicia Day will be hosting the series!

xQc hits back at Felicia Day after star claims Twitch promoted racist streamers

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hit back at actress Felicia Day after she claimed the platform promoted racist and abusive channels as she was taking a look through some streams. For years, Twitch primarily gave a home to some of the world’s best gamers as they could show off their...