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5 things to do this weekend, including ArtBeat 2022 and a Federico Fellini film screening

We’ve made it through another hot summer week. If you’re wanting to get out of the house this weekend, look no further. There’s a little something for everyone happening in Boston this weekend. The classical music festival, Aston Magna, continues with an all-Handel arrangement and if you’re looking to do arts and crafts or listen to spoken word, the ArtBeat festival is happening on Saturday. A Suite Talk performance on rising beyond racism will take place at Copley Square Thursday. All of that, and more, below.
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'Batman Returns' Shows Tim Burton's Love for Federico Fellini

Batman Returns is not the standard by which film adaptations of the Dark Knight are measured. Even the movie’s biggest fans – and I’m one of them – should be willing to admit that. It’s too idiosyncratic and personal an interpretation to reflect the party line on Batman from the 1990s, let alone today. Not that Tim Burton or screenwriter Daniel Waters have ever claimed otherwise. Batman Returns isn’t nearly as distant or contemptuous of the comics as some have claimed –it even reflects quite a bit from them – but it was by accident, not design. “We were really just about the art,” said Waters when recalling his talks with Burton on the script. And those talks about “the art” included detours into the oeuvre of Federico Fellini.
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Campari Launches Fellini Forward, The New Campari Red Diaries Project Exploring The Creative Genius Of Federico Fellini Using Artificial Intelligence

VENICE, Italy — Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif, launches Campari Red Diaries 2021: Fellini Forward at the Campari Boat – In Cinema during the 78th Venice International Film Festival – La Biennale di Venezia, a pioneering project inspired by the late Federico Fellini using Artificial Intelligence techniques, including machine learning, to explore the creative genius of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time to create a one-of-a-kind short film. Showcased within the full project is a unique documentary covering the process from start to finish, exploring the future of cinema and human vs. machine creative collaboration based on evidence found in the creation of the short film set in Rome and key expert commentary. The documentary, which features the short film, will have its North American premiere as a Partner Presentation at the 59th New York Film Festival on September 29th and will be available for consumers to view in the US on Amazon Prime Video in October.