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‘The Flash’ star Ezra Miller corrected Hawaii police over pronouns during a recent arrest: ‘I’m not a sir’

Ezra Miller corrected Hawaii police over their pronouns during one of their recent arrests, according to police body camera footage recently released. TMZ published the footage Monday, showing Miller correcting officers who referred to them as a “sir” while riding in the police car. “I’m not a sir; I’m transgender nonbinary,” Miller corrected.
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‘Flash’ star Ezra Miller shuts down police officer for improper pronoun use, bodycam footage shows

New footage from one of Ezra Miller’s recent arrests have surfaced. In police body-camera footage of Miller’s arrest in Hawaii — obtained by Fox News Digital — the “Flash” star, 29, responded to one officer who called them “sir” by explaining to police, “I’m sorry, I’m not a sir. I’m transgender non-binary. Please don’t call me a sir.”

Ezra Miller Threatens Cops with Hate Crime for Using Wrong Pronouns

Ezra Miller gave cops a stern warning during their arrest in Hawaii, don't hurt their wrists ... and get their pronouns right or face hate crime charges. More police body cam has surfaced from the March incident where Miller allegedly went after several bar patrons, getting busted for disorderly conduct and harassment.

Ezra Miller accused of music theft by producer and rapper: ‘It was an extremely unethical and hurtful act’

Two musicians have accused Ezra Miller of stealing music they worked on and releasing it without giving them credit.The Fantastic Beasts actor has been at the centre of a number of recent controversies. In April, Miller, who uses they/them pronouns, was arrested in Hawaii and charged with second-degree assault after allegedly throwing a chair at a woman. In late March, they were arrested in a karaoke bar in Hilo for disorderly conduct and harassment.Speaking to Rolling Stone, music producer Oliver Ignatius spoke about his collaborations with Miller, alleging that Miller had published music online without credit or consent.Speaking of...

It’s Not Just the Barfights. Two Musicians Also Say Ezra Miller ‘Stole’ Their Music

Click here to read the full article. When Ezra Miller hit up music producer Oliver Ignatius to help him work on a new musical project in February, Ignatius wasn’t immediately enticed. After all, he had a bunch of sessions booked for the next few months at his Holy Fang Studios in New York. But he knew Miller since they were teens and decided to make an exception. He never imagined that Miller, according to him, would steal the music they worked on and post it to his social media without credit months later. Something was off from the beginning, Ignatius says. Ignatius noticed...

Arrest Video Shows Ezra Miller Claiming ‘I Film Myself When I Get Assaulted for NFT Crypto Art’

In a bizarre video of their arrest in Hawaii in March, The Flash actor Ezra Miller claimed they film videos of assaults to sell as “NFT crypto art.”. The actor, who recently appeared in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, was arrested in Hawaii for the first time on March 28 after they became “agitated” at a bar after some karaoke. In footage of the arrest published by TMZ, an alleged victim said the actor attacked and spat at him during an altercation in the bar.

Ezra Miller Claims They Filmed Assault for 'NFT Crypto Art'

In the latest development in the ongoing Ezra Miller/ Hawaii saga, newly unearthed body-cam footage of their March arrest was released and they appear to claim that they film themself getting assaulted for "NFT Crypto Art." In a video obtained by TMZ, the nonbinary actor is being taken into custody...

Video released of ‘Flash’ star Ezra Miller’s arrest outside of Hawaii bar in March

A new video from Ezra Miller’s arrest in March has been made public after the "Flash" actor claimed to have been assaulted during the police encounter. In the police body cam footage of the arrest, the 29-year-old actor, who identifies using they/them pronouns, is heard telling officers that they were assaulted while authorities attempted to place them in handcuffs following an incident that went down at a bar in Hawaii.