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Has hell frozen over? Ezra Klein tackles the UFO/alien question at the NY Times

A new mainstream journalist joined the resistance today, dipping a toe into the entire UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena or UFOs) topic. Ezra Klein, opinion writer for the New York Times published a lengthy op-ed on the government’s interest in UAP and what the reaction would be from the world’s population if everyone was suddenly given incontrovertible evidence of extraterrestrial life or even alien technology. His article was originally titled “Our Aliens, Ourselves,” but it was later changed to the more pragmatic, “Even if You Think Discussing Aliens Is Ridiculous, Just Hear Me Out.” Klein starts off by providing a brief but well-crafted summary of all of the progress made on the UAP topic over the past few years and the increasing media coverage that it has received. He also points to the long-awaited UAP Task Force report that is due to be delivered to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee next month.
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Ezra Klein on UFOs

What if they turn out to be “a thing”? Here is one excerpt, to be clear this is not the only view or possibility he is putting forward:. One immediate effect, I suspect, would be a collapse in public trust. Decades of U.F.O. reports and conspiracies would take on a different cast. Governments would be seen as having withheld a profound truth from the public, whether or not they actually did. We already live in an age of conspiracy theories. Now the guardrails would truly shatter, because if U.F.O.s were real, despite decades of dismissals, who would remain trusted to say anything else was false? Certainly not the academics who’d laughed them off as nonsense, or the governments who would now be seen as liars.
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Noam Chomsky’s Theory of the Good Life, an interview by Ezra Klein

The first political book I ever received was “9-11” by Noam Chomsky. My older brother gave it to me, just a little bit after 9/11. And I read it, and I reread it. And I argued with people over it. And then over the years, I would dip into the Noam Chomsky library. And just always its breadth is so astonishing.

Podcast: Ezra Klein and Walter Isaacson discuss how CRISPR is poised to redirect the future course of evolution

This article or excerpt is included in the GLP’s daily curated selection of ideologically diverse news, opinion and analysis of biotechnology innovation. When future generations look back on this moment in history, will they remember the daily political fights — or will everything just look like a sideshow compared to humans being able to edit genetic code?
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Ezra Klein: There is no cancel culture only cancel behavior

The left has been truly desperate to avoid being linked to cancel culture for several years now. It was common a few years ago, when student disruptions on college campuses were popping up regularly, for people on the left to argue the whole idea of cancel culture idea was overhyped, right-wing nonsense. Gradually, the evidence has become so pervasive that the cottage-industry denying its existence has mostly died off. Now what you see a lot are pieces like this one by Ezra Klein trying to rationalize it.
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Life in the Red: Walk-on Iowa transfer Ezra Miller a name to know in the Husker OL room and Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Walter Isaacson

Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Walter Isaacson and Life in the Red: Walk-on Iowa transfer Ezra Miller a name to know in the Husker OL room. Misunderstanding addiction breeds despair and suffering – and, for alleged Atlanta shooter, violence. Find Heavy and Civil Engineering Companies. CORRECTING and REPLACING Anthem Offering Financial...
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Ezra Klein and Megyn Kelly Joined Bill Maher for This Week’s “Real Time”

Real Time With Bill Maher is a show that can bring together guests from across the political spectrum the way few others can. At its best, this can lead to genuinely interesting policy discussions along with the opportunity to see politicians and journalists interact in unexpected ways. When an episode doesn’t click, though, it can be especially frustrating — and last night’s episode offered a number of missed opportunities.
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Ezra Klein: California is making liberals squirm

You may have heard that San Francisco’s Board of Education voted 6-1 to rename 44 schools, stripping ancient racists of their laurels, but also Abraham Lincoln and Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The history upon which these decisions were made was dodgy, and the results occasionally bizarre. Paul Revere, for instance, was canceled for participating in a raid on Indigenous Americans that was actually a raid on a British fort.

NYT’s Ezra Klein: “The Filibuster Is a Disaster”

As the economic fallout from the pandemic perpetuates Americans’ suffering, many are arguing that President Biden should follow up on his promise to quickly put money into the pockets of the American people. One of those making the case is author and New York Times columnist Ezra Klein, who launches his new podcast this week. He explains to Walter Isaacson his thoughts on bipartisanship.