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Podcast | Ezra Klein on Roe v. Wade, the war in Ukraine and hope

Ezra Klein makes a living paying attention. As a columnist for the New York Times and the host of the Ezra Klein podcast, he must decide what to focus his attention on, how long to focus it and when to move on. And, given the unforgiving churn of the modern newscycle, that is no small task.
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New York Times columnist Ezra Klein to speak at Presbyterian College

New York Times columnist, award-winning podcaster, and best-selling author Ezra Klein will address polarization in American politics at Presbyterian College’s annual Sam Waters Lecture at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 19, in Edmunds Hall. PC president Dr. Matthew vandenBerg said the current state of politics is fertile ground for debate...

Night Owls Highlights Agnes Callard, Ezra Klein in “How Does U.S. Politics Work?”

New York Times journalist Ezra Klein and UChicago philosophy professor Agnes Callard discussed political polarization in the latest Night Owls talk. In a conversation titled, “How Does U.S. Politics Work?,” New York Times journalist Ezra Klein and philosophy professor Agnes Callard discussed the benefits and challenges of political polarization. The event, part of the Night Owls series of late-night chats hosted by the philosophy department, was broadcasted through Crowdcast on Wednesday, February 16.

EZRA KLEIN: How liberalism could dream bigger

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ezra Klein is a New York Times columnist. Previously he was the founder, editor in chief and then editor-at-large of Vox; the host of the podcast, “The Ezra Klein Show”; and the author of “Why We’re Polarized.” Before that he was a columnist and editor at The Washington Post.
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RALPH NADER: Ezra Klein and his vast inner space

I read the New York Times in print, flipping pages and reading through all the various sections. Over the past year, a nearly life-size face appears in many full-page ads. This same ad appears in any section of the Times, including the coveted pages of the Sunday New York Times Magazine. The same full-page ad has been printed at least 100 times.

Q&A with award-winning journalist Ezra Klein

Ezra Klein came to Lehigh, virtually, on Feb. 8 to deliver Lehigh’s Kenner Lecture on Cultural Understanding, hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences. Klein’s lecture was titled “What We Can Do About Toxic Polarization.”. Klein is a columnist for the New York Times opinion page....

Ezra Klein: Real political engagement can defeat Trumpism

Ezra Klein of the New York Times says Trump allies are trying to use local politics to seize more power over elections. He says in order to defeat Trumpism, Democrats have to get more involved at the local level. “Liberals have talked themselves into the idea this is simply a national battle,” Klein says, “and you either win or lose it nationally.”Jan. 13, 2022.