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Watch These Crazy Brits Impersonate Evel Knievel

People have been coming up with new types of motor sport since the dawn of the automotive age. Whether it comes in the form of high-speed open wheel or local stock car racing, folks spend nearly every weekend of the year pushing automotive limits. That said, we’re fairly certain you’ve never seen a motorsports event quite like the U.K.’s annual Car Jumping Championship.
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Why Evel Knievel is a BIG Deal in Idaho

Evel is a legend. He was best known for his motorcycle stunts that occurred between 1965 and 1980. According Visit Southern Idaho, He earned the Guinness Book of Records title of most broken bones in a lifetime. Did you know that his most daring and final jump was across Idaho's Snake River Canyon? This stunt took place on September 8th, 1974 and was nationally televised.
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46 years ago, Evel Knievel made death-defying jump in Cincinnati

MASON, Ohio — Forty-six years ago, Evel Knievel made a death-defying jump at Kings Island. The daredevil made his most successful motorcycle jump on Oct. 25, 1975, flying over 14 Greyhound buses. Reaching a speed of 95 mph as he took off from the start, Knievel sailed 133 feet in...
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‘Captain Explosion,’ Maine’s own version of Evel Knievel, has died

James “Crash” Moreau, a stuntman who over the course of a more than 50-year career crashed nearly every type of vehicle imaginable and set himself on fire for the entertainment of crowds across the country, died last month in his hometown of Lincoln. He was 73, according to an obituary published in the Bangor Daily News.
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‘Stuntman’ director Kurt Mattila breaks down doc about an attempt to complete canyon jump that Evel Knievel couldn’t

With his new “Stuntman” documentary, director Kurt Mattila hopes to shine a spotlight on Hollywood’s unsung heroes. The film follows longtime movie-and-TV stunt performer Eddie Braun as he attempts to complete a jump across a 1,700-foot canyon that his childhood hero, Evel Knievel, was unable to finish. But “Stuntman,” out...

Riddle Pays Tribute to Evel Knievel at WWE Elimination Chamber

Riddle paid tribute to Evel Knievel during the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Riddle has made a major name for himself over the last few weeks, and recent weeks of WWE Monday Night Raw have positioned Riddle for an opportunity to take on Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. Although Riddle has been struggling to defeat Lashley solo, there was the hope that Riddle would be able to defeat Lashley in the midst of their Triple Threat match during the WWE Elimination Chamber. Though the make up of the Triple Threat match had changed with a last minute addition, Riddle was ready.

SCAD grad’s solo show collides Nascar, Evel Knievel with European history painting

Evan Jones exhibit, “Country Store,” is a hilarious look at countrified tropes. Evan Jones grew up in Cashiers, North Carolina, and his painting show at Thomas Deans Fine Art channels a strain of old-time religion, Nascar, flag-waving patriotism, duck hunting and corporate logos that inform many Southern young ‘uns sentimental educations. His solo show, “Country Store,” is a very funny celebration of the tropes and fixations of rural Southern life that blessedly avoids using a cudgel of irony or snark to make its points. This is an artist who can enjoy the excesses of homemade advertisements, primitive folk art painting styles and alternative history while offering a sharp-witted read on global art history mashed up with his countrified Americana. He has likened his paintings that blend advertising icons like the Michelin Man and Mobil Oil’s pegasus logo to an antique market where objects are mashed up into one mad jumble, devoid of origin or context.