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Opinion: Cooperation — the reason I’m voting for Evan McMullin

It’s not a word you hear very much in Washington these days. It seems like working with others to get things done is the exception, rather than the rule. But Evan McMullin is different. Unlike Sen. Mike Lee, someone who embodies the “my way or the highway” spirit of...
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Utah Senate Candidate Evan McMullin Is Trying to Change National Politics. Polls Suggest It's Working

A former undercover CIA officer who later worked as chief policy director for the House Republican Conference on Capitol Hill, Evan McMullin was an entrenched Republican. But when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for president in 2016, McMullin left the party and forged a last-minute presidential bid as an independent. He didn't even win his home state of Utah, but he knew from talking to voters that many were discouraged by the political climate too.
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Sunday Edition: KSL NewsRadio 100th anniversary; Why are Utah Democrats backing Evan McMullin?

This week on Sunday Edition Doug Wright sits down with Jim Bennett from the United Utah Party to look back on the Democratic Convention in Utah. The two discuss the impact of the Utah Democratic Party throwing their support behind independent candidate for Senate Evan McMullin, instead of a candidate from their party. Doug Wright also sits down with the President of Bonneville International and a colleague from KSL to talk about the 100th anniversary of KSL NewsRadio. They talk about the significance of this historic milestone and what comes next for the longest running radio station west of the Mississippi.

What Donald Trump said about Mike Lee, Evan McMullin at a conservative conference

TAMPA, Fla. — Former President Donald Trump extolled Utah Sen. Mike Lee and disparaged his independent opponent Evan McMullin during a speech in Florida over the weekend. Lee attended the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit where Trump spoke to a group of young conservatives Saturday. At one point in the speech, the former president, who Lee once compared to Book of Mormon hero Captain Moroni, started recognizing guests at the event.

Opinion: Why this former CIA counterterrorism officer is endorsing Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin and I served together at the Central Intelligence Agency after 9/11. I can tell you what he won’t about his service. We had different roles at the agency. My job as a targeting officer was to comb through vast amounts of mostly classified information to identify and locate terrorist targets and those who had access to them. I would then pass that information to clandestine operatives overseas like McMullin, who would use it to recruit sources and neutralize terrorists.

What Senate candidate Evan McMullin sees as the biggest threat to the U.S.

It’s not China or Russia. Nor is it climate change or illegal immigration. It’s not a pandemic or an economic recession. To independent U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin, the greatest threat to the United State is “our unmooring from truth.”. “The conspiracism that has infected our politics...

Evan McMullin on his run for U.S. Senate

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Independent Evan McMullin is hoping to take the seat from Senator Mike Lee in the general election. McMullin joins us this week on Inside Utah Politics to discuss the strategy moving on and some of the big issues in the race.