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Evan Bass Prayer Building dedication is June 6th

He was a Boy Scout who was always interested in helping others, a living expression of the Scout Oath and Law. He was a son and a grandson. He was a friend at school. His life was tragically cut short right in the middle of the pandemic and the celebrations of his life had to be curtailed and restricted. Now the memory of Evan Bass will be honored with the dedication of his vision for a “Prayer Building”, a contemplative place at the Chester County Coroner’s Office that Evan planned to build as his Eagle Scout project.
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Jade Roper Weighs In On Carly Waddell And Evan Bass Of ‘BIP’

Jade Roper is just like the rest of Bachelor Nation, just wanting two crazy kids to work it out. Those kids are Carly Waddell and Evan Bass who had a bit of an unconventional relationship on Bachelor in Paradise. Carly wasn’t into it, but then after a medical emergency and some soul searching she decided she couldn’t live without him.
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Jade Roper: Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Are Exploring ‘All Avenues’ Before Giving Up on Their Relationship

The kids come first. Jade Roper reacted to the photos of Carly Waddell and Evan Bass spending time together amid their divorce during an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. “I think they’re just trying to figure it out, you know, they’re just separated right now,” Roper, 34. told Us while promoting her and Tanner Tolbert’s partnership with Catalina Island’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Zip Line Wedding Festivities. “They’re not officially divorced and with children, I think it’s something that they want to, like, make sure that they exhaust all avenues before they give up on their relationship. … I think she’s happy where she is right now. And I think she’s just kind of trying to figure out what’s best for them.”
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Evan Bass Slams Trolls, Talks About Carly Waddell Divorce

Evan Bass met Carly Waddell during their time on the beaches of Mexico filming Bachelor in Paradise. The two had a rough start to their relationship. Carly seemed to be turned off by everything Evan did. However, they eventually found love and became engaged on the finale. The two married and welcomed two children into the world. However, things went south and they announced their divorce in late 2020. Evan has remained quiet since their split. His soon-to-be-ex has not been. Carly has expressed her sadness and loneliness following their separation. Evan finally spoke up a little on Easter. Find out what he had to say.
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Jade Roper Says Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Are ‘Trying’ to Be ‘Amicable’ Amid Divorce

Even Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert had questions about the text message Evan Bass posted with estranged wife Carly Waddell. “Tanner showed me that screenshot this morning, and I was like, ‘What does any of this mean?’ Clearly, we need, like, more context of the conversation,” Roper, 34, told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting her partnership with Tommee Tippee for its new Spill the Milk streaming series. “I think that they’re trying to really be amicable. This was his second marriage, so I’m sure he’s taken what didn’t work for him, you know, with his first divorce and trying to learn from that. I think they’re really trying to get along for the kids and probably just for themselves too.”

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Split Up

‘The Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers alum Carly Waddell told her fans the sad news on Christmas Day. She and her husband, Evan Bass have split up. The couple has been going through some very tough times and she shared some pictures and thoughts of their children and what has been going on with them.
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‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Would Carly Waddell Go Back on the Show After Splitting from Evan Bass?

Following the news that Bachelor in Paradise star Carly Waddell split from another former contestant Evan Bass, Waddell took to her YouTube channel to address if she would go on a future Bachelor franchise show. Waddell has had a long journey on various reality television shows, and she discussed her reasoning behind whether she would do it again. Read on to see what she had to say about returning to TV for love.