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Lorraine Kelly condemns Esther McVey for saying ‘appalling things’ about LGBT+ people

Lorraine Kelly has accused Esther McVey of saying “the most appalling things” about the LGBT+ community.The ITV presenter’s feud with the Conservative MP was first made public in 2019, when Kelly snubbed her former GMTV colleague in an awkward on-air exchange.During a live link on Good Morning Britain, where McVey was appearing as a guest, host Susanna Reid asked Kelly: “Do you remember Esther McVey from her GMTV days?”The Scottish presenter glossed over the question, shook her head and said curtly: “Yeah, yes I do. OK, coming up after half past eight...”Piers Morgan then quizzed Kelly, saying: “So you...

Good for Esther McVey and Philip Davies – some free hospitality is the least our MPs deserve

How to react to the news that Tory MPs Esther McVey and Philip Davies accepted VIP tickets to a series of flagship sporting events this year? Might I politely suggest a great big shrug of the shoulders. Honestly, so what?The idea that MPs must lead puritanical lives, never indulging in anything or – heaven forbid – having fun, is vindictive, childish and self-defeating. MPs are paid handsomely enough but nearly all of them could earn significantly more in an alternative career. If we continue to hammer them for enjoying some of the perks of the job, those considering a move...