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Global Guitar Strings Market Outlook, Trends, Forecast 2022 By – D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin

Global Guitar Strings Market 2021 covering both the industrial and the commercial aspects of the Global Guitar Strings Market, the report encircles several crucial chapters that give the report an extra edge. The Global Guitar Strings Market report covers the existing situation and the growth prospects of the worldwide market for the period 2021-2031. The Guitar Strings research report includes a comprehensive analysis of the market segmented by type, applications, and geographies. The Global Guitar Strings Market report also comprises a consideration of the key vendors like D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin, Fender, Gibson, GHS, Elixir, Rorosound, DR Strings, Dean Markley, Everly, Augustine, Dunlop operating in the market and a comment on the vendors’ product portfolios.
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Ernie Ball and John Petrucci Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Ernie Ball Music Man and Signature Artist John Petrucci are proud to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the John Petrucci Signature Guitar. For over two decades the world-renowned Dream Theater guitarist has partnered and collaborated with Ernie Ball Music Man crafting some of the world's most forward-thinking and innovative signature instruments. To celebrate 20 years, Ernie Ball Music Man is offering a limited edition 20th Anniversary JP as well as a limited edition 20th Anniversary Majesty. Both are available now in either a 6 or 7 string version.
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Trending Report on Guitar Strings Market 2021-2029 Business Outlook, Critical Insight and Growth Strategy | Addario, Ernie Ball, Fender , Gibson

Introduction and scope: Guitar Strings Market 2021. The latest Guitar Strings market report lends a competitive head start to businesses by offering accurate predictions for this vertical at both regional and global scale. It entails a top-to-bottom evaluation of the various industry segments, highlighting the current and future development possibilities, and all other factors affecting the revenue potential. Moreover, the research piece covers the leading companies, as well emerging contenders and newcomers to provide a holistic view of the competitive landscape. The Global Guitar Strings report is integrated with data on the supply and demand situation, the competitive scenario and the challenges for market growth, market opportunities and threats encountered by key players during the forecast period 2021-2029.

Ernie Ball is releasing a new St. Vincent signature guitar named Goldie

Ernie Ball Music Man is releasing a new signature model for St. Vincent, dubbed Goldie, which will be out this June. While the guitar’s body shape remains similar to St. Vincent’s other signature models with the brand, major additions include gold foil pickups, a vintage-flavoured parchment pickguard, brass saddles and a trio of new colour options: Cashmere, Velveteen and Silk Charmeuse.
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Ernie Ball seeks to streamline your string-changing experience with the new Pegwinder Plus

Ernie Ball has released the new Pegwinder Plus – an "essential tool for guitarists" that seeks to streamline your string changing experience by offering everything you may need in one compact tool. Featuring a non-abrasive universal peghead slot that fits electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars, the Pegwinder Plus...

Ernie Ball unveils the miniature Volt power supply

Ernie Ball has launched a new guitar accessory: the Volt pedal power supply. The compact unit measures in at just 9 x 5.6 x 2.3cm. This small enclosure is home to four isolated 9V outputs, so digital or otherwise noisy pedals won’t introduce any extra hum to your board. The outputs can provide up to 300mA of current, enough to power most pedals, even massive digital behemoths like the Strymon BigSky.
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Ernie Ball debuts Volt compact pedalboard power supply

NAMM 2021 isn't taking place in the physical realm this year, but you'll find all the hottest January gear launches in our guide to the biggest guitar, amp and pedal releases of 2021 so far. Ernie Ball has been steadily expanding its guitar accessory offering over the past few years,...
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Ernie Ball brings out all-new Limited Edition Slash signature string set

Ernie Ball has released a Limited Edition set of Slash signature electric guitar strings. Said to be the culmination of over three decades of collaboration between the Slash and Ernie Ball, the all-new 11-48-gauge Slinky strings are the result of an ongoing pursuit to create strings that provide the sought-after Slash sound while maintaining a commitment to string strength and longevity.

Ernie Ball announces signature set of strings for Slash

Ernie Ball has announced a new signature set of strings for Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. The strings in the limited-edition set measure in at 11, 14, 18, 28, 38 and 48 – Slash’s preferred gauge. The wound strings feature Ernie Ball’s Paradigm core and plasma-enhanced nickel-plated steel wrap wire, while the plain strings have brass wire reinforcements at the ball end for more stability – preventing slippage and breakage for longer at that vulnerable point.