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Books about heroic ‘white blokes’ are under threat, claims Ernest Shackleton expert

Books about “manly” heroes are on “borrowed time”, an expert on Ernest Shackleton has said, as society dismisses male virtues as "toxic masculinity". Joanna Grochowicz, the polar historian, has claimed that the traditionally “masculine” attributes of the men she has written about are falling out of fashion amid a drift towards a “gender neutral society”.
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My idol is an Antarctic explorer — and it's not Sir Ernest Shackleton

Maybe you, too, were captivated by the recent discovery of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic ship, the Endurance, resting at the bottom of the Weddell Sea. The ship sank in 1915, yet there it was on video — the ship’s apt name carved on the stern, reminding us of Shackleton’s exploits. After months trapped on the ice, Shackleton led a few members of his crew to fetch help for the others, then returned to those stranded seamen and saved them.
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Parkway Diner, Hoops Reunion, “Blueberry Cake”, Ernest Shackleton, Rep. Peter Welch

Podcast (vermontviewpoint): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:28:01 — 60.4MB) | Embed. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | RSS. One of the state’s iconic diners has re-opened and we’ll talk to new owner Brian Lewis about his plans for the Parkway Diner in South Burlington. Next, we’ll hear about the reunion planned for hoopsters who played in the leagues and pickup games at the Montpelier Rec Center. After that, we enjoy some children’s literature and meet Fayston’s Sarah Dillard, author of “Blueberry Cake.” Dillard has been nominated for the international Gourmand Award. And then, furniture maker Charlie Shackleton joins us to discuss his creations and his connection to Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. And we finish the show hearing about Congressman Peter Welch’s recent visit to Eastern Europe.
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Discovery's Tales From the Explorers Club will highlight the accomplishments of Ernest Shackleton, Gertrude Bell, Sir Edmund Hillary, Jim Lovell and Jeff Bezos

The docuseries marks an expansion of the relationship between the Explorers Club and Discovery. Hosted by Expedition Unknown’s Josh Gates, Tales From the Explorers Club will take viewers inside the headquarters of the Explorers Club to “relive the epic adventures of members who have pushed the bounds of human possibility venturing to Earth’s highest peaks, deepest ocean trenches, the North and South poles, and even into outer space.”

Why We Still Care About Ernest Shackleton and ‘Endurance’

The recent discovery of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance has thrust his epic tale of Antarctic survival into the limelight once again. The story still resonates with readers more than a century later: the sinking of Endurance amid the pack ice; the bone-rattling conditions on Elephant Island; the improbable 800-mile journey across windblown seas in the 22-foot James Caird; the mountainous trek across South Georgia Island to finally raise a rescue party.

Ernest Shackleton and the Rescue of the Endurance

Castbox | Stitcher | Podcast Republic | RSS | Patreon. In 1914, the British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition set out to become the first to cross the continent of Antarctica by land. They did not achieve their goal. However, their failure ended up becoming one of the greatest stories of perseverance...

The Untold Truth Of Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton

There aren't a whole lot of places left on planet Earth that are still unseen by human eyes, but a century ago the world was still a pretty mysterious place. From the top of Mount Everest to the remote Arctic, everyone with some capital and an adventurous spirit wanted to be the "first" somewhere, even though that usually just meant "the first European."

Sir Ernest Shackleton: the Irish explorer in pursuit of an impossible dream

In pursuit of an impossible dream, he jumped off a sinking ship, lived on a chunk of floating ice, defied brutal Antarctic conditions, trekked through uncharted lands and cheated death again and again. Miraculously, Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton survived repeated attempts to complete one of the greatest human feats of endurance and exploration in history.

Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance found after 107 years under the ice

The wreck of one of the most famous exploration ships in history has been located. Using a robotic submersible, the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust has found Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance, which was crushed in the Antarctic pack ice in 1915. In the wake of Roald Amundsen's 1911 expedition that became...

What happened to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship the Endurance?

The ship of legendary polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton has been found in the icy wastes of the Weddell Sea off Antarctica 107 years after it sank, pitching the great adventurer and his 27-strong crew into a desperate battle for survival against the elements from which they barely escaped to tell the tale.The Endurance, a wooden three-masted barquentine in its prime, was first launched in Sandefjord, Norway, in 1912 before bringing Sir Ernest to South Georgia Island to commence his doomed Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1914, an ambitious bid to cross the world’s southernmost continent on foot just as...

Local Professors talk about the Ship Endurance, and Captain Sir Ernest Shackleton

This week's discovery of the shipwrecked Endurance, far below the sea level has sparked renewed interest in the ship's captain Ernest Shackleton, his crew and their incredible story of survival Chapman College Professors Cristina Giannantonio and Amy Hurley-Hanson have studied Shackleton we've written about him, they even teach a class about them. They talked to Michaela about what made Shackleton such an extraordinary leader.

The Stunning Survival Story of Ernest Shackleton and His Endurance Crew

All year, the ship had been trapped, ice pushing and pinching the hull, the wood howling in protest. Finally, on October 27, 1915, a new wave of pressure rippled across the ice, lifting the ship’s stern and tearing off its rudder and its keel. Freezing water began to rush in.

Sarner design and installs Ernest Shackleton exhibition

Sarner International has announced that it has designed, produced and installed an Ernest Shackleton exhibition for the Royal Geographical Society in London. The exhibition, titled Shackleton’s Legacy and the Power of Early Antarctic Photography, focuses on polar explorer Ernest Shackleton to mark the hundredth year since Shackleton’s death.

National Geographic To Document Epic Discovery Of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance 100 Years After Sinking

Click here to read the full article. National Geographic has greenlit an epic documentary detailing the successful search and discovery of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s sunken Endurance ship near Antarctica, helmed by British historian Dan Snow. The network has partnered with ABC News, Snow’s History Hit, All3Media label Little Dot Studios and Consequential for the feature, which will form part of Nat Geo’s Explorer series. BAFTA-nominated director Natalie Hewit is attached. The doc will chart the successful search by the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust for famed explorer Shackleton’s shipwrecked Endurance, which sank in 1915 near Antarctica. Miraculously, Shackleton plus 27 crew all survived...

Sir Ernest Shackleton dies at sea – archive, 1922

We deeply regret to announce the death of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous explorer in the course of his voyage on the Quest. Sir Ernest was in his forty-eighth year. The news is contained in a telegram of yesterday’s date from Reuter’s Montevideo correspondent, who says – Sir...
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Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

Jan. 14 – 30, 2022. Directed by Jill Anna Ponasik (Director Skylight’s Oklahoma! and Carmina Burana) This 2017 Off-Broadway hit crisscrosses continents and time in an improbable and enchanting love story. With astounding ingenuity, modern music, and cutting-edge video, this wildly inventive musical is a romantic ride linking a struggling modern-day, single-mom composer/musician and the early 1900’s, intrepid, banjo-playing, Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. From the author of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.