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Erin Doherty shares her favourite independent shops and small businsesses

As we learn more about sustainability and fashion's impact on the planet, we're constantly discovering new ways to improve our habits as consumers. From shopping from responsible brands to opting for secondhand where we can and using rental services if possible, there are plenty of options for us to do our bit in reducing fashion's mark left on the world.
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‘Chloe’s Erin Doherty Embraced Playing The ‘Polar Opposite’ Of ‘The Crown’s Princess Anne

Chloe is a new psychological thriller that follows Becky Green, who becomes obsessed with stalking her childhood friend Chloe’s perfectly curated life on social media. When Becky suddenly dies, Chloe decides to infiltrate the lives of those closest to Chloe to find out what really happened. Becky finds herself going deeper down the rabbit hole in her quest for answers.
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Woman Crush Wednesday: Get to Know ‘Chloe’ Star Erin Doherty

We’re blazing through June at a scorching pace, but you can take a breather to calm down and relax because today is Woman Crush Wednesday, a sacred time for celebrating the talented and hard-working women delivering unforgettable performances on your favorite streaming services now. This week, we’re talking up an amazing actress who is still somewhat early in her professional entertainment career and yet already on the rise as a dynamic and versatile performer on both stage and screen. She’s going places so be sure to remember her name as you give it up for her, your latest WCW, the electrifying Erin Doherty!

Erin Doherty Is So Much More Than The Crown’s Princess Anne

In the lead-up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the U.K.’s mega celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne, Erin Doherty received a request from her mom: Would she come to her Jubilee street party—and, most importantly, would she do so dressed as Princess Anne? “My mom lost her mind about [me being in] The Crown,” Doherty, who broke out with her portrayal of the royal in seasons 3 and 4 of the hit Netflix series, says with a laugh from her apartment in South London. “I was like, ‘Mom, no. I’m not going to do that.’ And she was very much like, ‘But… you’re Princess Anne!’”

Erin Doherty joins Firebrand cast

Erin Doherty has landed a role in 'Firebrand'. The 29-year-old actress, who portrayed Princess Anne in 'The Crown', will play Protestant martyr Anne Askew – a woman who was tortured at the Tower of London and burnt at the stake – in the new movie. The psychological thriller...

Erin Doherty: ‘I had to fight to show people I can do something other than Princess Anne’

Erin Doherty reckons she’s already peaked in terms of embarrassing paparazzi pictures. In the height of the second lockdown in 2020, the actor, who played Princess Anne in The Crown, was papped with her girlfriend in a supermarket car park wearing a khaki fleece, tracksuit bottoms and three pairs of socks. “What the hell was that about?” she says, laughing. “It freaked me out a bit. Why is anyone interested in what I’m getting at Lidl? Odd. And it looks like I have ginormous feet. I feel like that’s one of the most awkward situations to be papped in and...

Erin Doherty On Her Compelling New Social Media Thriller Chloe

“A lot of the show is circulating around themes of loneliness,” says 29-year-old Erin Doherty of her new show Chloe, a psychological thriller directed by Sex Education’s Alice Seabright, which follows her character, Becky – a social media-obsessed woman in her late 20s living with her mother – as she tries to get to the bottom of her old best friend’s sudden death. “Becky has lost contact with this person, but still is very much present in her life through social media, without her knowing it. A really integral part of the show is saying we feel like we’re connecting to people on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, but actually you’re isolating yourself more and more and more.”