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The Return Of The Ant: Previewing Erik Larsen’s ‘The Ant’ #12

“’THE ANSWER!’ Fourteen years after its previous issue was published, ANT returns for volume one’s awe-inspiring conclusion! This special one-shot both wraps up the story already begun by series creator MARIO GULLY and serves as a completely self-contained introduction to ANT by superstar creator ERIK LARSEN. Hannah Washington has spent years looking for answers, and finally her quest comes to its epic conclusion! Guest-starring the Dynamic Daredevil!”
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Erik Larsen Breaks Down Savage Dragon #259 and North Force's Future

This week's issue of Savage Dragon pulled double duty as Image's Free Comic Book Day issue, North Force #0. North Force, of course, is the Canadian superhero team, which has been playing a bigger role in Savage Dragon in recent months, and who by the end of the issue have recruited a new member from the Savage Dragon cast, and headed into space. The interiors of the issue are slightly different, depending on which version of the story you read, but the overall plot remains intact -- a balance Larsen has had to strike before, since there have been a few instances of Savage Dragon issues that had to pull double duty as Free Comic Book Day titles.


Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen will relaunch Ant in August with a new origin story for the title character. Ant #1, the first issue in the new series, will go on sale on August 25 with a cover price of $3.99. Larsen has drawn four different covers for the first issue; all four will be available in regular or retro trade dress.
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Image Comics & August 2021 Solicitations Spoilers: Savage Dragon’s Erik Larsen Launches New Ongoing Series In Ant!

PORTLAND, Ore… Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen takes on a whole new wall-crawler! After wrapping up the volume one conclusion of Mario Gully’s Ant, Larsen will kick off an all-new Ant series filled to the brim with epic adventure. The series will launch with Ant #1 and share a new origin story with fans when it hits shelves this August from Image Comics.
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Erik Larsen launching new series ‘Ant’ August 25th

Today, Image Comics has revealed Erik Larsen is coming in hot with a new series that promises to bring new life and expand on the character of Ant. Set to be available in comic book shops on August 25th, Ant #1 carries on Mario Gully’s creation Ant, which will get a 12th wrap-up issue in June. It’s a character Larsen bought when Gully decided to sell it, and as Larsen put it, “Mario named his price and I paid it.”

Erik Larsen On Taking Amy Dragon and Her Lovable Tiger-Man Friend on the Road in Savage Dragon #258

The setup for North Force, Image Comics's Savage Dragon spinoff and Free Comic Book Day title, came to a head in last week's Savage Dragon #258. The second in a two-part story teaming Malcolm Dragon with the Canadian super-team, the issue saw Thor defeated, ending the thunder god's bloody rampage from Savage Dragon #257. Unfortunately, that didn't mean the day was over for Malcolm, who discovered shortly after he got home that his daughter Amy had run off with her tiger-man friend Walter. While the Dragon kids are powerful enough to handle themselves in most situations, that still meant a search to find her...which they did, with help from North Force.

Erik Larsen on Savage Dragon #256 and the Return(ish) of one of Dragon's Most Dangerous Villains

Mako, one of the most dangerous villains in Savage Dragon history, got an upgrade in today's Savage Dragon #256. The character, who was killed in Savage Dragon #191, was implied by the cover on the issue to have returned from the dead...but that wasn't exactly the case. Instead, an obscure member of the Vicious Circle injected himself with Mako blood in order to regain powers following the mass-depowering that happened when the government rained Freak-Out down on the attacking Vicious Circle members last year. The character of Mako, who first appeared in Larsen's pre-Image Dragon comics, has been a constant presence in the title.

Erik Larsen on Savage Dragon #255's Blood-Soaked Game Changer

This week's Savage Dragon #255 picked up where last month's fast-paced and blood-soaked issue left off -- only to stomp on the gas and double down on just about everything after an issue that left Malcolm seemingly dead at the hands of Dart, this week fans got a look at the fallout of that battle -- and it was none too pretty. Meanwhile, virtually every character in the comic is left pondering what all of it means right along with the audience. From Chicago, where we meet up with the Darlings and Bellco Labs, to Dimension-X, where Alex and Paul Dragon go in search of closure, the issue feels very widescreen.