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Tiger Woods spotted in GOLF CART with girlfriend Erica Herman

Tiger Woods thrilled golf fans across the world when he posted a picture of himself in a leg brace and holding crutches on Friday. The legendary golfer seemed in high spirits and he has now been spotted watching golf in public with his girlfriend Erica Herman. Woods was in a...
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Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman ‘Dropped Everything’ to Be With Him After Crash

A great support system! Tiger Woods has been able to lean on his girlfriend, Erica Herman, amid his recovery from his dangerous car accident. “Erica dropped everything to be with Tiger the moment she heard what happened,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “She’s been by his bedside, holding his hand and telling him everything’s going to be OK. He’s a champ and he’s got this.”
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Tiger Woods' Girlfriend, Erica Herman, Visits Him in the Hospital

Tiger Woods was greeted with a familiar face Wednesday as he recovers from his car crash ... his girlfriend stopped by, and it looks like she came bearing gifts. Erica Herman popped into Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in West Carson, where TW is currently hospitalized. She also seemed to be accompanied by Tiger's caddie ... Joe LaCava.

Tiger Woods Accident: Girlfriend Erica Herman Visits Golfer in Hospital

Tiger Woods remains in the hospital after a serious rollover crash on Tuesday morning. He underwent surgery and recently had a loved one visit him. Girlfriend Erica Herman was spotted outside of the hospital on Wednesday. Photos surfaced on social media that showed Herman arriving at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. She...
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Erica Herman Was Tiger Woods' Employee Before She Was His Girlfriend

Professional golfer Tiger Woods has been making waves in his athletic career recently, competing in multiple tournaments. Unfortunately, the athlete got into a horrible car accident in February 2021, resulting in multiple injuries, and forcing him to step away from the course for a bit. Article continues below advertisement. Luckily,...
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Tiger Woods Girlfriend, Erica Herman, Visits Him in Hospital after Major Car Crash

Tiger Woods was involved in a car crash on Tuesday, February 23. After lengthy surgery yesterday to repair his injuries, his girlfriend, Erica Herman, was able to visit him. The world, and golf in general, is reeling with the news of Tiger’s accident. Moments like these unite the sports community to come together. Hopefully, Tiger will be able to recover completely from his injuries and be able to return to the tee box sometime.
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Tiger Woods Get A Visit From Girlfriend Erica Herman As He Recovers In The Hospital Following Serious Car Crash

While recovering from the horrifying car crash that left him with "serious injuries," Tiger Woods is getting his spirits lifted by some familiar faces. On Wednesday afternoon, the golf legend's girlfriend, Erica Herman, was seen heading into Harbor-UCLA Medical Center where her beau is currently hospitalized. With what looked like gifts in hand, the brunette beauty seemed to be accompanied by Tiger's caddie Joe LaCava.
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Who Is Erica Herman? Tiger Woods, Girlfriend Have Been Together For 4 Years

Tiger Woods' girlfriend Erica Herman used to work as a manager at his restaurant. Woods and Herman have been together for four years already. Herman gets along well with Woods' kids and ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Tiger Woods and Erica Herman have been together for four years already. Woods was rushed...
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Meet Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman

It’s good to be Tiger Woods. Woods made his return to professional golf in 2018, and his 2019 Masters win proved he’s still at the top of his game. In addition, his love life has also had remarkable improvement thanks to his girlfriend, Erica Herman. Woods and Herman began a romantic relationship nearly four years ago.
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Tiger Woods’ Romantic History: From Elin Nordegren Marriage To Erica Herman & More

While Tiger Woods is best known for his golf game, his love life, and the scandals that came with it, have also been splashed across the front pages over the years. A new HBO documentary telling the story of Tiger Woods’ life premieres on Jan. 10. The two-part series, which is aptly-named Tiger, will delve into the professional golfer’s childhood and his rise to fame, while also detailing the scrutiny of his personal life in the public eye. Of course, that means a look into Tiger’s romantic history, which has made major headlines over the years. Ahead of the documentary premiere, take a look back at the women in Tiger’s life:
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Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren & GF Erica Herman Unite To Watch Golfer & Son Charlie, 11, Play In Tournament

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren and GF Erica Herman bonded while watching the golfer and son Charlie Woods slay on the golf course at the PNC Tournament. One big happy family! Tiger Woods and his 11-year-old son, Charlie Woods, had the ultimate support system behind them when they conquered the PNC Tournament on December 20. Not only did Charlie’s mom, Elin Nordegren, come out to cheer on her son, but Tiger’s current girlfriend, Erica Herman, showed out to celebrate, too. The two women looked at ease as they followed Tiger and Charlie down the green during the final round of the father-son golf tournament.
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Elin Nordegren, Erica Herman watch Tiger Woods golf with son Charlie

Tiger Woods and his 11-year-old son, Charlie, had a special cheering section at the PNC Championship over the weekend. As the father-son duo hit the green at the PNC Championship over the weekend at Ritz-Carlton Gold Club in Orlando, Woods’ girlfriend, Erica Herman, watched, along with Charlie’s mother and Woods’ ex, Elin Nordegren.

Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren, partner Erica Herman watch Charlie Woods

Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren and his girlfriend Erica Herman united to watch Woods and son Charlie Woods in action at the PNC Championship on Sunday. Charlie, the son of Elin and Tiger, became the youngest player aged 11 to compete in the annual 36-hole tournament for major champions and their sons.