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Parisian Chicken With Mushroom Sauce & French Fries From Eric Wareheim

It’s hard for me to think of a more perfect meal than the simple roast chicken with french fries I had at Le Repaire de Cartouche in Paris, a restaurant run by the legendary Rodolphe Paquin. Rodolphe has one of the coolest cellars in Paris, so his food is intentionally unfussy, to allow the wine to shine through. I’ll never forget eating his chicken and dipping fries in this silky, umami-rich mushroom sauce while drinking a bottle of Philippe Jambon’s La Grande Bruyère, a Chardonnay made from grapes grown in Mâcon. A classic French thing to do (and something I highly recommend) is to spend Sunday with your friends drinking good wine and then eating a roast chicken with french fries for a late lunch.
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Macaulay Culkin, Eric Wareheim, and more play LCD Soundsystem in new holiday special

Delving into the atmosphere of 90s sitcoms, LCD Soundsystem will be portrayed by Eric Warheim, Macaulay Culkin, Christine Ko, Jon Daly, Luenell, and more for a new holiday special, All My Friends. The feature arrived on Prime Video and Amazon Music’s Twitch channel on December 22, seeing the actors portraying members of the legendary electronic band ahead of a concert special performed by LCD Soundsystem themselves.
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Eric Wareheim on How the New LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special Came Together

A little over a week ago, LCD Soundsystem announced they’d be the subject of a new holiday special. Not just that, but it was to be released on December 22. The project is shepherded by Eric Wareheim, who is playing LCD frontman James Murphy and directing. The cast features a murderer’s row of who’s who, with Macaulay Culkin, Christine Ko, and Aparna Nancherla as the band. As for the special itself (titled All My Friends after the LCD song), it’s a ’90s-styled sitcom, which, if you grew up in the era of TGIF, teeters between the fun and the corny. According to Wareheim, that was the intent.

LCD Soundsystem Announces Amazon Holiday Special Featuring Eric Wareheim, Macaulay Culkin

“I’ve already conquered film, [LCD Soundsystem founding member] James [Murphy] has conquered music, but we have yet to conquer the sitcom — the HIGHEST form of art,” Wareheim said in a statement. “We’ve been working on this project for 15 years, and for this show we’re unveiling a uniquely emotional perspective of the sitcom universe for the holidays — provided by one of the greatest bands of all time and my dear friends, LCD Soundsystem. I can’t believe Amazon Music is letting us do this.”

LCD Soundsystem Are Putting On A Holiday Sitcom/Concert Special With Eric Wareheim And Macaulay Culkin

As soon as LCD Soundsystem’s 20-night residency at Brooklyn Steel comes to a conclusion later this month, the band will be putting out their first ever holiday special. Dubbed The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special, it’s centered around a ’90s-style sitcom about the band directed by comedian Eric Wareheim, followed by a live performance from the band.

LCD Soundsystem Announce Holiday Special Where Eric Wareheim Plays James Murphy: Watch the Trailer

LCD Soundsystem have announced The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special, which airs on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel and Prime Video starting December 22 at 9 p.m. Eastern. The special opens with All My Friends, a 1990s-style sitcom starring comedians and actors as members of the band. Eric Wareheim directed the special and stars in the role of James Murphy. He’s joined by Macaulay Culkin, Aparna Nancherla, Jon Daly, Christine Ko, a puppet, and others. Watch the trailer below.

Eric Wareheim, Macaulay Culkin to Play LCD Soundsystem Members in Sitcom Episode

Comedian Eric Wareheim reimagines LCD Soundsystem as the centerpiece of a classic sitcom in the trailer for the band’s upcoming holiday special, set to stream Dec. 22 at 9 p.m. ET on Prime Video and Amazon Music’s Twitch channel. The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special will boast a special, career-spanning performance from the actual band, including the first live rendition of their 2015 single, “Christmas Will Break Your Heart.” But the show will be preceded by a Nineties-style sitcom episode, aptly dubbed All My Friends (after LCD Soundsystem’s classic song of the same name). Wareheim wrote and directed All My Friends, and he’ll...

LCD Soundsystem to Feature in Holiday Special With Macaulay Culkin, Eric Wareheim

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? You know what that also means? Holiday specials! LCD Soundsystem is getting on the act, featuring in an upcoming special titled The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special. Before that, however, will air a ’90s-inspired sitcom episode, called All My Friends (after the 2007 LCD song). That pre-show special will feature Macaulay Culkin, Christine Ko, and Aparna Nancherla as the band, with Eric Wareheim directing.

LCD Soundsystem Announces Eric Wareheim–Directed Holiday Special

LCD Soundsystem is currently in the midst of a long run of shows at Brooklyn Steel, which ends on December 21. But if you haven’t been able to snag tickets, then not all hope is lost for you to see the band in some capacity this year. On December 22, the group is airing The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special via Amazon.

The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special With Amazon Music--Featuring Eric Wareheim, Macaulay Culkin, Christine Ko, and Aparna Nancherla--to Stream on December 22

Tune in to watch LCD Soundsystem perform their biggest hits alongside an ensemble cast playing the band in All My Friends, a sitcom written and directed by Eric Wareheim. Watch the All My Friends sitcom opening credits sequence HERE (Credit: Amazon Music) Watch The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special event trailer...
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Eric Wareheim Geeks Out While Eating a Burger Omakase Tasting Menu | The Burger Show

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