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Atlanta Soundtrack: New cuts from Jamee Cornelia and Eric Nam, and classic Tams

Multi-talented rapper and artist Jamee Cornelia has worn many hats over the years. She’s been part of a local punk band, she’s launched her own line of clothing, and therefore it’s no surprise that she has a tendency toward workaholism. This is something she spoke about at length with her friends and fellow musicians, the Queendom, on that duo’s YouTube channel last year. Now, she recognizes the need to build in the time for rest amid the constant whirl of productivity.
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K-Pop sensation, Eric Nam, shares his journey to fame

HOUSTON — Singer/Songwriter, Eric Nam, paid Great Day Houston a visit just ahead of his sold out Warehouse Live concert! Nam's "There and Back Again" world tour is a sweet celebration of his latest album release!. For more information on Eric Nam, visit or follow him on social...

Singer Eric Nam talks touring, representation, and what he loves about Atlanta

ATLANTA — K-Pop, or Korean Pop, has become an international music genre and one of the brightest stars was born and raised in Georgia. 11Alive's Karys Belger was able to catch up with Eric Nam, an American singer and songwriter of Korean descent who found fame in South Korea's music scene. Nam has been honored by Forbes "30 Under 30 Asia" list and YouTube Music's Global Trending Artist on the Rise.

Eric Nam is a K-Pop Star/Wig Expert

Eric Nam is ready to play dirty. His words, not mine. The K-pop star picked up pretty quickly that the Expensive Taste Test is not a fool's game, and came ready to master. First of I <3 how he hopped into his TV host bag and turner ETT into the Home Shopping Network during this ep. His blanket presentation solidified that he really could convince me to buy just about anything.

Eric Nam Returns To Warm SOLD OUT Welcome At First Avenue

“I missed you guys so much! Did you miss me, too?”. If ticket sales and ardent screams are any indication: Yes, Minnesota missed Eric Nam, too. Backed by a three-piece band and two dancers, Nam treated the shoulder-to-shoulder First Avenue crowd to a parade of songs from his Korean and English catalogs, including, of course, works from his brand new album, There And Back Again.

Eric Nam Is Back Again At First Avenue On 02/11

Minnesota last saw Atlanta-native Eric Nam at the Palace Theatre in St Paul in February of 2020. Now, two years, and one global pandemic, one record label change, and one brand new album later, Nam is back to show fans what he’s got. And fans are ready. Tickets are available HERE.

“Lost On Me” is piquing my interest in Eric Nam

As I had not checked out any of the latest musical hits on social media, I found a song on YouTube that had me impressed by its upbeat sound. When I began to listen to the music grooving out of its catchy vibes, my eyes became glued as the singer started to dance. The view was astounding, as well as Eric Nam’s voice, whenever he portrayed his emotions through the music.

Eric Nam Breaks Down The Meaning of “I Don’t Know You Anymore”

Eric Nam sat down with Genius to discuss his hit “I Don’t Know You Anymore,” which has racked up more than eight million streams on Spotify to date. The Atlanta born singer shares insight on how the track came about and what type of music he likes to make. The track is produced by Danny Silberstein & Rabitt and appears on his latest album There And Back Again.
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Eric Nam Creates the Playlist of His Life

Eric Nam creates the playlist of his life! From the enchanting riffs from John Mayer's guitar to his own track, "I Don't Know You Anymore," Eric shares his musical inspirations and the soundtrack to his life. Can he sing Ordinary People better than John Legend? Why does he prefer the live version of John Mayer's "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room?" How does his body react when Juanes comes on?
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Eric Nam Breaks Down His Favorite Snacks | Snacked

Eric Nam is a Korean-American singer-songwriter whose new album, 'There and Back Again,' dropped earlier this month. But when he's not churning out hits in the studio, Eric is also a big-time snack obsessive. From the pleasures of childhood favorites like Yan Yan and Warheads, to a crash-course in the ingenuity of Korean cake shops, Eric breaks down the do's and don'ts for snacking like a pop star.

Eric Nam Scores Global Fame With New EP

Eric Nam will begin his There and Back Again World Tour 2022 on January 34 in Arizona. Eric Nam remains one of the most sought-after soloists that he immediately found success in his new EP, There and Back Again. Like many other artists in South Korea and abroad, Eric Nam...

Eric Nam Reads Thirst Tweets and Has the Best Reactions for Them

Eric Nam returned to BuzzFeed to read the second batch of thirst tweets about him, and he has the witty and careful reactions for them. Eric Nam Reads Thirst Tweets on BuzzFeed and His Reactions Will Leave You Bursting into Laughter. On Jan. 8, "Love Die Young" singer Eric Nam...

Eric Nam releases sophomore album, ‘There And Back Again’

Eric Nam has dropped the music video for his brand-new English single ‘Lost On Me’, a cut from his sophomore album ‘There And Back Again’. Released on January 7, the video treatment for his new single ‘Lost On Me’ sees the Korean-American singer performing the song in various settings, including a beach at sunset and an urban garden space. The song was co-written by Eric Nam alongside Grammy Award-nominated hitmaker Rabbitt, who also produced the track.

Out Today by The Orchard: Eric Nam, RuPaul, Yndling

Start your new year off right with new music from Eric Nam, RuPaul, and Yndling. Eric Nam – There And Back Again (Eric Nam ) In Eric Nam’s new album, There and Back Again, Eric unpacks and confronts the complex meaning of past heartbreak. With the sleek, disco-pop-infused lead single “I Don’t Know You Anymore,” he reflects on the emotional exhaustion that caused a relationship to become unsalvageable. “Essentially, the idea is I just want to cancel you from my life,” says Nam. Listen Eric Nam’s 7-track album out now!

'Flying Over Sunset,' A New Album from Eric Nam, Hidden The History of Women's Fitness, Chris Duffy Talks New Year's Resolutions

A new musical follows the stories of three real historical figures--- author Aldous Huxley, actor Carey Grant, and politician Clare Boothe Luce--- as they experiment with LSD. Writer and director James Lapine joins us to discuss his new show "Flying Over Sunset," along with Tom Kitt, who composed the music for the show, and Michael Korie, who wrote the lyrics.