Emmanuelle Béart


Whatever Happened to Emmanuelle Beart?

At first glance, Emmanuelle Beart is someone that you might feel certain that you’ve seen somewhere, but for some irritating reason, you might not be able to place her until that one memory snaps into place. Worse than that is when it happens that you realize it’s one or two movies and nothing else, even if it feels as though there are more that she’s in. Those that have followed her career might have seen her more than once, but apart from that, there is one movie in particular that people might remember her from since it was a mainstream picture and something that was adapted from a popular TV show, Mission: Impossible. Her role as Claire in the movie was one that definitely took a backseat to Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Ethan Hunt, but she was a part of the group all the same. Beart has been around for a while, and she has been keeping a steady career for a while, and she’s kept up on it to be certain. The 57-year old has definitely changed over the years as her youthful appearance has given way and her exotic and even nymph-like looks have given way to the woman she is now, a bit more regal-looking but definitely aged in a way that makes her hard to recognize at times. While she’s still a very impressive woman, it’s likely that she’s not going to get the same type of roles that she used to get, as time has taken what it takes from everyone, that youthful appearance that gives way to a more stately and wizened appearance that creates the need to expand into different roles.
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