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Emma Watson Visits Texas School

Emma Watson stopped by a Dallas ISD school earlier this month thanks to a connection with an anonymous parent. She spoke to students about her career and answered any questions they had for her. How did the students react?. “Shock, surprise, disbelief, excitement — and just curiosity,” school principal Michael...
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Harry Potter star calms rumors of feud between Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling

By this point, J.K. Rowling is known for two things: writing one of the most successful fantasy series of the last century, and airing out her transphobic views in public. The latter has led to a fair amount of consternation in the fan base and among the actors who starred in the Harry Potter film series, all three of the principles — Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson — have expressed disagreement with her views, although they haven’t disparaged Rowling herself.
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Emma Watson & Tom Felton’s Relationship Through The Years: From First Crush To BFFs

Emma Watson, 31, and Tom Felton, 34, have been two of the closest friends in Hollywood in a relationship that started when they were very young. The actress and actor co-starred in the popular Harry Potter films over the years and went from apparently crushing on each other (at least she did!) to becoming “really good friends’ who even sometimes sparked dating rumors. As of 2022, they still often mention each other in interviews or share cute pics on social media, proving their bond is stronger than ever.

‘True feminism’: Emma Watson praised for discussing trans issues in resurfaced interview

Emma Watson’s 2020 interview with author and activist Paris Lees has resurfaced, with many people praising the actor as an "example of true feminism" for her remarks on trans issues.In the video, Lees - a transgender writer and campaigner - asks Watson if she would feel comfortable with Lees using female toilets, to which she replies: "Oh my god, of course."Sharing a message for those that would take issue with trans people using female toilets, Watson adds: "That’s another human being. I understand fearing what you don’t know. But go and learn."Click here to sign up for our newsletters.