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Emma Roberts and Michael Shannon Star in New Horror Film Abandoned

For most families, the experience of moving into an all-new home is meant to represent a number of new opportunities and the potential to start a fresh path in life, but as any horror movie fan can tell you, there's also a pretty good chance that you're about to enter a living nightmare. In the case of the upcoming movie Abandoned, a family falls into the latter category, as the former residents of the home have a harder time letting go of the past. You can check out a trailer for Abandoned below before it hits On Demand and Digital HD on June 17th.
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'Abandoned' trailer: Emma Roberts moves into haunted house

May 26 (UPI) -- Vertical Entertainment is giving a glimpse of the new film Abandoned. The company shared a trailer for the horror film Thursday featuring Emma Roberts, John Gallagher Jr. and Michael Shannon. Abandoned follows Sara (Roberts) and Alex (Gallagher), a couple with an infant son who move into...
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'Abandoned' Trailer Teases a Descent into Madness with Emma Roberts and John Gallagher Jr.

Vertical Entertainment has released the first trailer for their upcoming summer horror flick, Abandoned, starring Emma Roberts as a new mom in search of an escape from the city for her and her family. She and her husband, played by John Gallagher Jr., are seen touring an idyllic country home with their cheerful realtor Cindy, played by Kate Arrington, when Roberts’s character, Sara, asks the inevitable, “Why hasn’t anyone bought it?”

Abandoned Trailer: Emma Roberts Leads Horror Thriller Film

Vertical Entertainment has released the official Abandoned trailer, which stars Emma Roberts. The horror film is currently slated to arrive in theaters on June 17. The video, which you can check out below, features a married couple who decides to live in a remote farmhouse in hopes of starting a new life with their baby. However, because of their new home’s dark past, things take a turn for the worse with Roberts’ character getting affected by the strange things happening around her.
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Emma Roberts Is in Support of Naked Nails This Summer: “I’m Going Rogue”

With a trip to Paris in the books and musings of California road trips, Emma Roberts is gearing up for a summer filled with travel. And while she 100 percent plans on packing a decent amount of SPF (she’s a big fan of Tatcha and Coola), there’s one beauty product that’s not going to make it into her bag: nail polish. “Whenever I’m going on a long trip, I’m always like, ‘What color nails do I get?’ I’m going to have to commit to this color for the whole trip. So I’ve been going rogue lately,” Roberts tells Marie Claire. Instead of embracing wild designs or bold tones, she’s taking a back to basics approach.

Sarah Levy, Emma Roberts, Julia Fox + More!

SARAH LEVY IS PREGNANT WITH HER FIRST BABY: According to Page Six, Schitt’s Creek star Sarah Levy and her husband, Graham Outerbridge, are expecting their first baby. Levy posted a photo to Instagram on Monday (May 16th), showing off her belly. “We’ll take all the salt & vinegar chips and the hottest hot sauce you have, thx!” she captioned the post.