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‘NCIS’ Alum Emily Wickersham Has Fans Loving This Adorable Throwback Pic

“NCIS” fans were disappointed to see the departure of original cast member Mark Harmon earlier this season. However, we first said goodbye to another fan-favorite character, Ellie Bishop, at the end of season 18. Nonetheless, her actress, Emily Wickersham, remains active on social media, keeping in touch with her large fan base. Most recently, she has followers loving one adorable throwback photo.
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Emily Wickersham Celebrates With a Drink After Welcoming Baby Boy

Emily Wickersham is enjoying some of life's simple pleasures that she couldn't indulge in throughout her pregnancy. After officially becoming a mom of one following the December birth of her son, Cassius Wickersham Dale, the NCIS alum took to social media earlier in January to share how she is celebrating, Wickerham sharing a photo of herself drinking her first alcoholic beverage since becoming pregnant.

See the Adorable First Pics of Former NCIS Star Emily Wickersham's New Baby

It’s been eight months since Emily Wickersham left her role as Special Agent Eleanor Bishop on NCIS, which came as a surprise move at the time. The set up was good, Bishop resigned her job after it was discovered that she had leaked an NSA document 10 years earlier. However, it was really just a ploy to become a disgraced agent so she could go undercover on an operation.

'NCIS': Emily Wickersham Reveals Major Life Update Ahead of Baby's Arrival

Just months after leaving NCIS, former series star Emily Wickersham is continuing to make some major life changes. The NCIS alum, who is currently pregnant with her first child, revealed to fans in a social media post on Tuesday that with just a month to go before her due date, she has picked up shop and is setting down roots somewhere new, Wickersham hilariously documenting "moving day."

‘NCIS’: Emily Wickersham Gets Artsy in Her Latest Update

While enjoying some much-needed downtime on Saturday (November 6th), NCIS alum Emily Wickersham took to her Instagram to share a snapshot of the city that never sleeps – New York City. “…that never sleeps,” the former NCIS captioned the post, which features a snapshot of her current view in New...

What's Former 'NCIS' Actress Emily Wickersham Doing Now? What the Star's Future Holds

Diehard fans of NCIS, which has been on for a whopping 19 seasons, will know Emily Wickersham as Special Agent Eleanor Bishop, a role she held for eight years before exiting the show at the end of NCIS Season 18. After a somewhat-satisfying end to the romance arc between her character and Wilmer Valderrama's character, Nicholas Torres (who doesn't love a juicy will-they-won't-they trope), Bishop announced she'd be leaving the NCIS team.

NCIS season 19 premiere: Where is Bishop, Emily Wickersham?

The events of the NCIS season 19 premiere is going to raise a lot of questions about Gibbs but, at least for now, let’s talk about Bishop. In the event you did not know, Emily Wickersham confirmed her departure from the CBS crime procedural at the end of last season. Over the summer, meanwhile, she confirmed that she is expecting a baby! The actress is off living her best life and we couldn’t be happier for her.

NCIS alum Emily Wickersham announces pregnancy on Instagram

A few months after leaving NCIS, Emily Wickersham is embarking on another exciting chapter of her life: Motherhood!. In a new post on Instagram, the actress (who played Ellie Bishop for many years on the crime procedural) confirmed that she is pregnant with a photo of herself by a pool, one taken by her own mother. This will be Wickersham’s first child.

‘NCIS’ Actor Emily Wickersham Revealed Her Celebrity Crush Who Was on Series

Unlike most of us, “NCIS” star Emily Wickersham had the chance to meet and talk to her celebrity crush on the set of the hit crime drama. In preparation for the 300th episode of “NCIS,” Wickersham sat down with the hosts of the CBS talk show “The Talk” in 2016. Right away, the hosts revealed that Wickersham’s celebrity crush appeared as a guest star in the 300th episode.

Why is Emily Wickersham leaving ‘NCIS?’

Question: What is wrong with those people at NCIS? They have a great program with a great cast and they mess it up!! Emily Wickersham is perfect in her role. Why write her out? I only hope the producers see the error of their ways and bring her back as a regular. —Cyndi.