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Elvis Mitchell on ‘Is That Black Enough For You?!?’

Larry is joined by writer and filmmaker Elvis Mitchell to discuss his new documentary on Netflix Is That Black Enough For You?!? which focuses on the unsung heroes of African American cinema during the 1960s and ’70s. They begin their conversation by talking about the genesis of the project and some of the legendary actors who serve as the inspiration for the film’s focus, particularly Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. Next, they examine how the psychological dynamics and representation presented in films like Cotton Comes to Harlem, Night of the Living Dead and Uptight were flashpoints for the blaxploitation era and the mainstream popularity of movies like Superfly and Shaft (17:01). Next, they talk about the stigma of the black cowboy in American culture and the power within films can shape social narratives (19:50). After the break, they dive into Pam Grier’s potency as an screen icon and share anecdotes about growing up watching their favorite films from the era. The end the pod by examining the importance and intersection of the music in black films from the 1970’s, notably Curtis Mayfield’s contributions to Superfly, and how the bevy of amazing footage was obtained for the project (53:17).
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Critic Elvis Mitchell Says Making His Own Film Was Like ‘Seeing Movies for the First Time’

Elvis Mitchell has been one of America’s great critics, interviewers, and pop culture historians for over 25 years, and with his new Netflix documentary, “Is That Black Enough for You?!?,” he proves he’s a world class filmmaker as well. An engagingly personal yet rigorously analytical and completely original crash course in ’70s cinema, “Is That Black Enough for You” covers all the important actors and filmmakers lily-white New Hollywood retrospectives like “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls” left out: Sidney Poitier, Ossie Davis, Melvin van Peebles, Diahann Carroll, Diana Ross, and so, so many more. As Mitchell told IndieWire, there was one...

Hollywood’s Black film problem, explained by Elvis Mitchell

Over the past few years, movies like Black Panther and Get Out have raked in both accolades and box office returns, and the Oscar nominations hit new diversity records. To the casual observer, it may seem like Hollywood has made massive strides in moving from being overwhelmingly dominated by white actors, directors, and writers and toward a more inclusive environment. But from the standpoint of history, it’s startling how little has changed — and what that tells us about the industry.
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Elvis Mitchell sheds light on black presence in the American film industry through “Is That Black Enough for You?!?”

Written by Madi Welborn. Photo by Madi Welborn. Viewers laughed, cried and learned a lot at the screening and Q&A of Elvis Mitchell’s “Is That Black Enough For You?!?” The film, available to stream on Netflix starting Nov. 11, took a deep dive into the cultural shifts of black presence in the American film industry from 1968 to 1978.

Elvis Mitchell Reveals How Blaxploitation Saved Mainstream Cinema In His New Film, 'Is That Black Enough For You?'

The documentarian's love letter to Black Cinema of the 1970s gives an eye-opening glance at the true impact of the Black films we often dismiss. When you think of Black cinema in the ’70s, images of XL afros, platform shoes, big guns and even bigger personalities likely come to mind. But beyond the legacy of fun catchphrases and iconic imagery, the Black films of this era had an impact on Hollywood that leave ripple effects to this day.

Elvis Mitchell on the History of Black Cinema and the Path to Diversify Hollywood

Film connoisseur, cultural critic, and master conversationalist Elvis Mitchell crafts a kaleidoscopic yet personal history of Black cinema with his feature film debut Is That Black Enough For You?!? Both a personal reflection on the power of representation and a celebration of entrepreneurial independent filmmaking, it has just wrapped a short festival run and is now in limited theatrical release before its Netflix debut on November 11—where Mitchell recommends the film as a companion to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, releasing the same day.

Elvis Mitchell Takes a Deep Dive on Black Cinema With Netflix Documentary

As a critic and scholar, Elvis Mitchell has spent his career writing about film. With the doc Is That Black Enough for You?!?, he tried his hand at making one himself. The documentary, which will screen at AFI Fest before heading to Netflix on Nov. 11, is part visual essay and part academic deep dive into the Black cinema of the 1970s and the contribution of Black filmmakers and creatives to that decade of moviemaking. An achievement in archival work, the doc, which counts David Fincher and Steven Soderbergh as producers, deftly moves through works by Melvin Van Peebles, Gordon Parks...

KCRW Partner Event: A Conversation with Seth Meyers and Elvis Mitchell

KCRW and NBC invite you to a special live and in-person conversation with Seth Meyers, moderated by KCRW's Elvis Mitchell. Seth Meyers is an Emmy® Award-winning writer, New York Times bestselling author and host of NBC’s Emmy® nominated “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Elvis Mitchell is a well-known and loved film critic and host of The Treatment on KCRW. Come out for a night of lively conversation and a pre-show reception!