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10 of the Most Iconic Jewelry Pieces by Elsa Peretti

Italian Jewelry designer, Elsa Peretti, was known for her iconic and minimalistic jewelry pieces. The designer, who was born in 1940, started her journey as a jewelry designer at the age of 34 in 1974 working at Tiffany and Co. Her jewelry quickly became popularized and her pieces made up 10 percent of the company’s sales. Designing her jewelry using mostly diamonds, precious metals, and sterling silver, Peretti created iconic pieces that would someday be on display at museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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Jewelry Designer Elsa Peretti’s Five Most Iconic Pieces

A fixture on the New York City social scene in the ’70s, model-turned-jewelry designer Elsa Peretti is once again in the spotlight alongside her frequent collaborator Halston. Blame Netflix, for its binge-worthy limited series about the iconic fashion designer that recently hit TV screens for a renewed excitement around the jewelry designer’s many creations.
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Halston: Glamorous Photos of the Real — and Really Iconic — Elsa Peretti

In the early days of his career, fashion designer Halston developed a close relationship with another one of the greats: Elsa Peretti, the iconic Italian jewelry designer. In Ryan Murphy's Halston, Rebecca Dayan portrays the legendary jeweler, who first came up in the fashion world as one of Halston's models and best friends in the Studio 54 disco scene. Peretti collaborated with Halston extensively, helping him design his first iconic perfume bottle and creating trinkets for him. Eventually, Tiffany & Co. discovered her work and gave her the position of an in-house designer — not too long later, her rapport with Halston unfortunately broke down, as we see on the miniseries.

‘Halston’ True Story: Who Were Liza Minnelli, Elsa Peretti, and John David Ridge?

Your 'Halston' Binge Isn't Complete Until You've Seen Him Humiliated on 'Love Boat'. Slip on some slick shades: Ryan Murphy‘s new fashion series, Halston, has landed on Netflix. Full of gorgeous red dresses, fantastic ’70s tunes, and Liza Minnelli performances, Halston is the perfect weekend series for anyone interested in learning more about the fashion world. And it’s based on Halston’s true story, of course — so, it’s definitely best to learn about the real cast before diving in.

‘Halston’ Finds Its Elsa Peretti in Rebecca Dayan

When Elsa Peretti passed away in mid-March, the outpouring of the fashion world was immense. Though she had never met her, Rebecca Dayan felt the loss in a different, particular way. Dayan has spent the last year-plus immersing herself in the world of Peretti to portray her in the new Netflix series “Halston,” out today, with the hopes of meeting the legendary muse and jewelry designer once the series premiered.

‘She Deserves Her Own Show’: Rebecca Dayan on Playing Elsa Peretti in Netflix’s Halston

Rebecca Dayan has already lived many lives. The French-born polymath has worked as a model, a design assistant at Sonia Rykiel, an artist (her mesmeric watercolors have been displayed at New York’s Catherine Ahnell Gallery) and an actor, with roles in Limitless (2011), H. (2014), and Novitiate (2017). Who better, then, to play the multitalented Elsa Peretti—the Italian model who became one of the most influential jewelry designers of the 20th century with her work for Tiffany & Co.—in the new Ryan Murphy-produced and Daniel Minahan-directed miniseries Halston?

Elsa Peretti Wasn’t Afraid to Play with Fire

——— After years of playing mannequin as a “Halstonette,” Elsa Peretti’s hobby of jewelry-making took a turn when the pieces she designed for Halston and other brands grew a cult following. As Ricky Clifton, the renowned decorator and Peretti’s dear friend, told us, “[Her aesthetic] was a combination of emotion and a cerebral way of designing. It was interesting to see how her ideas grew from something that most people wouldn’t even notice.” An early champion of her work, Halston set up a meeting for Peretti with Tiffany & Co. that resulted in a lucrative deal for his former muse.

1970s model, muse and jewellery designer, Elsa Peretti, dies aged 80

Elsa Peretti, the fashion muse and jewellery designer with connections to some of the most glamorous aristocratic families in Europe, has died aged 80. Born to wealthy parents in Florence, Italy (her father was head of a huge oil and energy company) she was educated in top schools across Europe, before cutting ties with her family and leaving home to pursue a career as a model in Rome. Later, she became a stalwart of the New York social scene in the late 1960s and 1970s, after catching the eye of American fashion designer Halston, who soon recruited her to model his chic jumpsuits.

Remembering Iconic Jewelry Designer Elsa Peretti

“Good line and good form are timeless,” Elsa Peretti describes her simple and subliminal design aesthetic at Tiffany's. Elsa Peretti the model-turned-jewelry designer of Tiffany & Co., has died at the age of 80 years old in Spain on Thursday, March 18, 2021. Tiffany's remembered the iconic designer on Instagram.

Elsa Peretti (1940-2021)

The death on March 18 of Elsa Peretti, an Italian model in the 1960s and influential jewelry designer starting in the early 1970s, was the end of an era. Peretti, who was 80, is best known as Tiffany's most famous designer whose "diamonds by the yard" necklaces and "bone cuff" bracelet starting in 1974 continue to be ubiquitous on teenage girls and fashionable women. Her designs for Tiffany in 2012 accounted for 10% of the jewelry emporium's annual sales of $3.8 billion. [Photo above of Elsa Peretti and Halston courtesy of Getty]
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Celebrating the legacy of Elsa Peretti

Elsa Peretti, who passed away last week at the age of 80, was an world-renowned Italian jewellery designer and former model. During her career, she created some of the most iconic and enduring pieces for Tiffany & Co — like the Bone Cuff and Open Heart — over her more than a four-decade partnership with the American jewellery house.
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Famed Tiffany jewelry designer Elsa Peretti dead at age 80

NEW YORK (AP) — Elsa Peretti, who went from Halston model and Studio 54 regular in the 1960s and ’70s to one of the world’s most famous jewelry designers with timeless, fluid Tiffany & Co. collections often inspired by nature, has died. She was 80. She died Thursday night in...
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A true rock star: remembering the visionary Elsa Peretti

It was the scariest of phone calls: I had wanted to interview Elsa Peretti, my all-time design heroine, for as long as I could remember. I had asked Tiffany & Co (where she had been a named designer since 1974) countless times, but was always told that Peretti didn’t give interviews, was reclusive, it was just not possible. Then suddenly, miraculously, an opportunity opened up: in 2009 a group of iconic Peretti designs had been chosen by the British Museum and, Tiffany said, Peretti might agree to talk about this momentous milestone and recognition of her life’s work. But – and it was a big but – the designer was notoriously wary of publicity and the request had to be genuine, which it was, not PR-generated, which it wasn’t. Which meant I had to contact Peretti myself to make the initial approach. And so came the nerve-wracking, out-of-the-blue call to the most important jewellery designer of modern times.