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Ellen Pompeo Shares Some Grey’s Anatomy Love With Ex Cast Mates on Instagram

It was a Greys Anatomy reunion over the weekend with Ellen Pompeo dining out with not one, but two of the show’s ex hot docs. Taking to her Instagram stories, Ellen showed off her rather attractive dinner companion, someone who we all managed to catch up with when he made his appearance on ‘the beach’ to assist Meredith with her decision to battle to live or give in and die of Covid.
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Ellen Pompeo Has 'Grey's Anatomy' Reunion With Pair of Departed Fan-Favorite Co-Stars

Grey's Anatomy is a show where virtually no one is safe, and fans have been forced to say goodbye to many of their favorite characters over the years. However, star Ellen Pompeo did offer fans a look at a real-life reunion between some departed actors. Pompeo shared on her Instagram story that she had met up with Eric Dane, who exited the show in 2012, and Justin Chambers, who left in 2020. In the first video, Pompeo and Dane smize for the camera while the now bleach blonde Chambers pretends to take their dinner order. Pompeo captions the second video "A hard knock life" while showing her time with her old friends and coworkers.
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Ellen Pompeo has Grey's Anatomy reunion dinner with Eric Dane and a blond Justin Chambers

Well, sort of. Justin Chambers reunited with his former Grey's Anatomy costars Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane, a year and a half after Chambers' sudden departure from the ABC series. In a video posted to Pompeo's Instagram story on Friday, she and Dane are seen sitting together at a restaurant, when a very blond Chambers, pretending to be a waiter, pops up behind them and asks, "What would you like for dinner?"
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Ellen Pompeo Has a Mini Grey’s Anatomy Reunion

Gone, but not forgotten! Ellen pompeo is still hanging out with two of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital’s most beloved doctors. On June 11, the Grey’s Anatomy star took to her Instagram Story to share a video of her new dinner companions, Eric Dane and Justin chambers. In the video, Eric and Ellen pose for a pic as Justin — who is sporting a bleached-blonde hairstyle these days — comes up behind them and pretends to be their waiter. “What would you like for dinner?” he asks, as Ellen laughs.
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Ellen Pompeo meets Eric Dane and a changed Justin Chambers

That an actor decides to leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (or the writers decide it for him) is a drama for the viewers, but also for the family of actors that has been forging on the set of the ABC series throughout 17 seasons. As we have seen over the years, Ellen Pompeo, the centerpiece of this entire family, She has always wanted to keep in touch with her colleagues, whether they are still at Gray Sloan Memorial or not..
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Ellen Pompeo Has a Mini Grey's Anatomy Reunion With 2 Fan Favorites

Gone, but not forgotten! Ellen Pompeo is still hanging out with two of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital's most beloved doctors. On June 11, the Grey's Anatomy star took to her Instagram Story to share a video of her new dinner companions, Eric Dane and Justin Chambers. In the video, Eric and Ellen pose for a pic as Justin—who is sporting a bleached-blonde hairstyle these days—comes up behind them and pretends to be their waiter. "What would you like for dinner?" he asks, as Ellen laughs.
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Ellen Pompeo Surprised Grey's Fans With An Unexpected Reunion Video

The ghosts of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are going strong. Although characters come and go on Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo is giving fans the content they want to see and keeping in touch with her former co-stars. On Friday, May 11, the star shared a cute reunion on her Instagram Stories, and it proves Pompeo is still hanging out with some fan-favorite characters off set. Ellen Pompeo’s video with Eric Dane and Justin Chambers is such a gift.
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Is Ellen Pompeo Putting An End On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Meredith Grey Actress Allegedly Demands Increase Paycheck

Ellen Pompeo is reprising her Meredith Grey role in the already-renewed season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy. However, one report suggests that the actress is destroying the future of the ABC series by using her contract to increase her paycheck. She’s allegedly using this strategy and it could put an end to the medical drama if ever she decided not to sign her future contracts.

Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) delighted to kiss Patrick Dempsey on screen, the video that gets people talking

You may not know it but Ellen Pompeo has always been delighted to kiss Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy, evidenced by this video which makes people talk on the Web!. We know, Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo who would help Angelina Jolie to find love, have made the heyday of Grey’s Anatomy for years. Let it be said, the two actors quickly became the flagship couple of the program by brilliantly interpreting the characters of Meredith Gray and Derek Shepherd. Their fictional romance unfortunately came to an end when the actor left the series in 2015. At the time, the two actors were delighted to be on screen, and According to her adorable reaction in the video below, the beautiful blonde was also over the moon to kiss her playmate.

Ellen Pompeo hilariously responds after seeing her pic in Dr's office

Ellen Pompeo is not a doctor, she just plays one on TV. While that seems obvious, one particular medical facility didn't seem to get the memo. Over the weekend, a Twitter user posted a photo from a New York City urgent care that shows Ellen's photo hanging on the wall. In the image, she's dressed as Dr. Meredith Grey, her character from "Grey's Anatomy." That same clinic must have a thing for fictional doctors, as there's also a tribute to Hugh Laurie's Dr. Gregory House character from "House."
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Ellen Pompeo Responded To Grey's Anatomy Fan Who Spotted A Framed Picture Of Meredith At Her Urgent Care Clinic

Veteran medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has been going strong for 17 seasons now and is just one of many medical dramas that have made an impact on society, alongside ER, Chicago Med, General Hospital and House. While the characters are fictional, that doesn’t mean that they still can’t be spotted in the real world, as one fan spotted a picture of Ellen Pompeo’s titular character Meredith Grey, as well as Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House, at her urgent care clinic, and Pompeo had the perfect response.